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Ryu ga Gotoku Studio - new announcements

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Posted 23 September 2017 - 06:06 PM

Looking good. Pity more wasn't shown off for it, but seeing how much Kiwami 2 was shown off I'm guessing they'll hype that up first before moving onto FOTNS, and then move onto Shin RGG after that. Love that you can get retro games in FOTNS though, I already foresee me spending lots of time on that, even if the retro games aren't great.


Watching more of Kiwami 2 and I like how much more content you get compared to 6. Golf is back (as it was in 2), the Casino is back, Virtual On and VF2 are arcade games and the UFO Catcher makes its triumphant return (I can't be the only person excited to see how its been improved? I've grown to love this mini game!), also there is a weird toilet "video game" mini game as well which is apparently based on a real thing in Japan... I love it already!

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