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Destiny 2

08 September 2017 - 10:26 AM

I played the first one quite a bit and progressed through the story and did a few raids and stuff and really enjoyed it.


So I started up the second which found my save from the first one and gave me a brief update of my progress show in stills and the date which I completed the bit which was quite nice and I was able to start the game with my existing character, but not any of my stuff.


The game starts of linking the two games together with a tutorial scene setting type bit which is nice and has a couple of good set pieces. The combat is still very good and familiar to the first game and the voice acting is spot.


You then get to start the game proper from the base.


So far so good and I was really enjoying it but then it started crashing. Now to put in context I don't have a PS4 Pro just a bog standard PS4 and have tried rebuilding the database, deleting and reinstalling it along with the massive first day patch, even tried a new character but still crashing every 10 minutes or so.


I even tried it with a new character but it crashed again.


It looks like I'm not alone https://www.gamespot...s/1100-6453184/.


So I decided to send it back as I got a physical copy from Amazon and I get the PC version when it comes out, as it will be cheaper and I don't think the Xbox has any problems and therefore I'm thinking it is an issue with my specific PS4


Also the PC version is appears to run well on lower spec PCs




II think I've just been unlucky as most of the people I see on the PS4 seem to be running the game just fine.


Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

12 August 2017 - 08:59 AM

I finished this last night and overall I really enjoyed the game and experience.

I liked the story progression and whilst the combat and puzzles weren't exactly difficult they at least felt part of the world. Some of the puzzles did feel like padding on occasion but I preferred that to just walking about.
I liked the implementation of the face mirror puzzles, that worked really well.
Combat was solid but became quite straight forward towards the end with only enemies spawning right behind me causing me any problem. I did like pacing of the combat, the slow tense feeling as the enemy approached, occasional raising both arms as if to say 'come on then' .
Boss battle where ok but it only felt tense as I was unsure how long they would last, the only thing I was a disappointed with was the final battle
but the voices gave me a prompt so it didn't bug me that much.
Speaking of voices I really liked the implementation of the voices in your head (I recommend head phones, otherwise I doesn't have the same impact in my opinion) not only to create an unsettling feeling but also gives you world and gameplay cues without obvious hand holding. Not quite subliminal but I definitely felt as though it didn't break the fourth wall.
The audio in general is very good and some of the fights have very lovely music which not only fits the world but really sets the right tone for the fights. 
Graphically it is great too, some nice lighting which is well used for some of the puzzles not just for general atmosphere and design. 
Coming back to the story, I really liked the way it developed and flowed. I enjoyed the listening to the runes which where really well voiced and acted. It just felt very consistent and engaging, though to be far the game itself is very immersive. Senua's performance was very good too, both in terms of voicing and acting. Though two things did grate for me, one was referring to Loki's daughter as Hela rather than Hel and for such and complex, disturbing and intriguing story I just felt the ending was a little too tidy and not satisfying for me.
Story spoiler
So as a sum of it's parts it is a very good if short game, but Ninja Theory did let themselves down again with their QA. I experience quite a few bugs in DMC and again unfortunately bugs appeared this game. I had a crash bug which sent back to the PS4 menu, a bug which meant I got hit after I defeated the last enemy in an encounter and my sword didn't sheath so I couldn't continue and had to reload and then my sword stayed sheathed for the final encounter. Whilst I didn't get the infamous game breaking glitch it did leave a bit of a sour taste in what is a relatively short game.  
Also what is the point of the perma-death feature?
So overall  I did really like the game and compared to other games, whether AAA or Indie, it stacks up really well, but I just wish they would schedule in a bit more time into QA.