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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


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#1 uiruki

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Posted 04 September 2017 - 09:01 PM

I love being surprised by games.


Remember when this was partially leaked, and looked terrible because we all assumed it would be a shooter or something? And then E3 happened and it's actually a tactics battle game? Turns out that with the full version it's basically a Nintendo game, if Nintendo were French.


Story's not too important: basically the Rabbids ruin everything and now there are bad ones and a big swirly vortex. Mario's off to save everyone, but this time with both friends and Rabbid versions in tow. I've seen the Rabbids described as agents of pure chaos, which fits their actions here. Their interactions with the main characters are good; it definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. I won't spoil anything but the cutscenes are often funny in that slapstick fashion.


The game's battles take place on square grids with lots of height differences and wide open spaces as well as cover; combat calculations are reduced to either 0, 50 or 100% which combined with the fact that most cover can be blown up makes for a less random feeling game. You still get criticals on weapons, which result in amusing status effects like being covered in honey or being catapulted away, out of cover and potentially off the map. Movement is massive, with characters slide tackling enemies, bouncing off each other and going through pipes. Mario even gets a damage and mobility boost for jumping on enemies' heads! Everyone has two abilities, like Luigi's glare that is basically Overwatch mode or Rabbid Luigi's ability to weaken enemies.


Basically it's a simplified Xcom with flashy movement and small teams which plays quickly and has a silly sense of humour. Props to the soundtrack too - I thought it sounded like a Rare game and confirmed that it was composed by one Grant Kirkhope.


I've no idea how this game happened but I'm really glad it did!

#2 shadowman

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Posted 08 September 2017 - 07:16 AM

Yeah, I've played a bit of the game and love the combat so far. Its easy to learn and surprisingly fun to boot. And it looks really nice, the BG's look incredibly nice on the Switch in handheld mode, actually one of the prettiest games I've seen all year. My only wish is that it was a Rayman crossover, not a Rabbids one. As I still don't like the rabbids and think a proper Rayman crossover would have worked just as well.

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