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Retro Emulators

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#1 Adrock

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 01:09 PM

After recently purchasing a Raspberry Pi 3 I've decided to give retropie a go, I'm massively impressed that a £30 computer can manage to emulate loads of systems as recent as Playstation.


I'm planning on purchasing an 8bitdo bluetooth pad or two so I dont have to be tethered by any cables and the beauty of the Pi 3 is that it has bluetooth built in!






Thats the beauty! But I cant resize the image  :glare:


Its a shame they dont do something based on the Sega Saturn pad because the 6 face buttons would be perfect. The thumbsticks also looks good for playstation games and maybe even the odd N64 title, depending on performance for on that machine.


Anyone else used retropie?

#2 shadowman

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Posted 28 March 2016 - 10:38 PM

That's one really nice pad :)


I've started to use emulators more recently on my PC since I've started dabbling in Spectrum ports of Capcom games, and hacks of NES Mega Man games (and especially in the case of the Spectrum, it saves so much time to emulate!). I'm finding emulating computers to be a pain in the ass though, especially for the Spectrum and the Amiga - I'm still yet to find an emulator that works as flawlessly as console emulators - between games not loading, taking forever to load for some reason and controller issues it can be a real pain. Oh, and the ports aren't exactly amazing either!

But for console games and MAME? Absolutely amazing, especially for MAME when you take into account just how many cool and hidden gems never made it out of the arcades.

#3 qazimod


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Posted 02 April 2016 - 06:06 PM

I've been getting back into emulation in one or two ways myself, although it's just been on PC rather than Pi. I found that I missed having a big bunch of MAME games to hand; I once had hundreds burnt to disc but I no longer have anything like that, and I have a bad habit of downloading MAME to try out one game, then getting rid of everything once I'm done. So I've been keeping my games and even though I must only have a few dozen right now it's nice to be doing it again.


I also looked into NewRetroArcade - an Unreal Engine project someone made where you load in MAME games and it lets you play them in a 3D arcade. It sounds daft, but when you add in 80s music for the radio and put game art on the cabinets and plaster classic film posters around the walls you can create an interesting retro atmosphere. At the moment I've just been putting game art on the screens and cabinets so that you at least know at a glance what's on offer...




(EDIT: yes, I believe front panel art is a thing too but I haven't got there just yet :( )

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#4 shadowman

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Posted 08 April 2016 - 11:40 AM

That looks awesome. I'd totally spend time designing my own arcade if you can fully customise cabs (having stuff like full Space Harrier, Outrun cabs etc.)

I saw a VR project for the PC that was essentially just playing games through emulation, though VR created a virtual room where you were placed in games room - you'd pick the games off the shelves etc. and the games had accurately recreated box art from said games.

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