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#287790 Death of board?

Posted by qazimod on 14 November 2017 - 02:10 PM

Are you using the desktop browser version? If you click Invite people there are options for how long you want the link to last, or you can set it to never expire.

#287786 Death of board?

Posted by qazimod on 07 November 2017 - 02:39 PM

I'm fine with it going, but of course it will be missed.


Would a free forum service be an option? Rllmuk has a small unofficial "if the main forum goes down" site that uses "zIFboards" (formerly InvisionFree) and that rarely faces issues with traffic or space because only a handful of people use it.


I also browse a couple of Discord channels but I don't know how to go about setting up your own...


Oh, and before the site disappears, I'm on PSN as theqazimod, Twitter as @qazimod and XBL (although my account's kind of dormant) as qazimod if people want to reach me :)

#287777 Ghost Trick

Posted by qazimod on 20 October 2017 - 01:35 PM

I got it when it came out on DS and really enjoyed it. The writing is both entertaining and compelling (it's a Takumi game, so that's a given) and the interactions are fun and rarely fall into the Phoenix Wright trap of "try everything on everything". Obviously the story is packed with cliffhangers and revelations, but there's also a fantastic twist to the gameplay about halfway through that I wasn't expecting (only click if you've played the game!)...




I had seen some trailers before the game's release but that came out of the blue and was amazing. :D So yeah, there's lots to enjoy and the animation and little details are great too.

#287707 Destiny 2

Posted by qazimod on 08 September 2017 - 03:46 PM

I've enjoyed what I've played so far - no crashes for me yet - but I'm still in the middle of the campaign. D1's lifespan was determined by the strikes, strike playlists, events like Iron Banner and other things that offered a little bit of progress for your character. So I'll have to wait and see how grindy the "post-game" is.


Right now, however, there's a bunch of things to do, and the guardian abilities and enemies are a lot of fun.

#287689 TV recommendations

Posted by qazimod on 05 September 2017 - 01:35 PM

This is what I have at the mo (pic is from rllmuk as they have a similar thread):




It's a 27" LG M2780D LCD - not really terribly flashy but it's a nice clean image and the colours are alright. I had a 32" set before but it was way too much telly for the space that I had. :D Anyway, this has composite, component, HDMI, VGA and SCART on the back - since I own all sorts of consoles and have some video capture hardware, the more things I can plug in, the better!


Only problem is that the TV's speakers are pretty weedy - I've been meaning to sort out my audio for ages, and when I'm running captures on the PC (which is using an old Logitech sub and speakers) there's a huge difference.

#287649 Sonic Mania

Posted by qazimod on 16 August 2017 - 01:13 PM

I think I've seen most of the zones now (although I'm nowhere near good enough for the new special stages) and agree that it's generally pretty good. The look of the thing is spot-on and the music is pretty much fantastic on every stage. I think that people hating on "modern" Sonics are a bit harsh - even without my bizarre defence of Adventure, I love some of the stuff done in the DS and GBA games - but this is the most enjoyable Sonic game I've played since Rush. The "physics" feel fine, there's no homing attack :P ... everything works as you'd expect. There's an interesting "learning curve" to the levels which might be irritating at first but quickly becomes enjoyable - seeing new things introduced in zones and wondering how you're supposed to interact with them eventually becomes rewarding once it all "clicks".


I like the return of the special stages, although the one on CD can be kind of unforgiving when you make one mistake and then have no hope of doing the thing in time - I much prefer the classic blue/red spheres of S3&K's stages. There are some great surprises in the regular stages - one "boss battle" in Chemical Plant is a fun burst of nostalgia but not in the way you might think! Taking a bit of a break from it for now as I have a few other new releases keeping me distracted and I don't want to hurry through this, but I'll be back for those missing emeralds. Perhaps.

#287591 Random Video Thread

Posted by qazimod on 23 June 2017 - 04:59 PM

#287553 The Mega Man Megathread

Posted by qazimod on 05 June 2017 - 05:16 PM

Legacy Collection 2 is coming in August, featuring MMs 7 to 10:




#287508 Nier (series)

Posted by qazimod on 23 May 2017 - 02:47 PM

So yeah, two month old hot take but Nier Automata is amazing, and the most enjoyable thing I've played so far this year. It's kind of telling that I was going through palaces in Persona 5 and already planning re-runs of this game in my head.


It kind of suffered a frustrating identity crisis at first - not because of the game but because of the community. People who never played the original saw the Platinum name and expected a streamlined character-action game instead of a hybrid action RPG, and I saw posts in other communities hating on the game because of that, which is unfair. Nier: Automata has levelling, upgrades, sidequests, customisation, material gathering and all sorts... and some of these really lend a helping hand to players who like Nier but aren't fond of character action. The customisation from the plug-in chips lets you do anything from boosting attack power or max HP, to attaining Bayonetta style slowdown after a dodge or regaining health after each kill. It's really satisfying and provides an incentive to replay the game with different chip setups.


The shooter stuff seen briefly in the demo is also present here - not only are there on-foot shooting sequences where the camera shifts from third-person to top down to side-on, but your flight suit also allows for the kind of scrolling shooter sequences that just make me wish Platinum would make a full-blown 2D shooter (well, 3D graphics on a 2D plane). :P Meanwhile, the world has a number of interesting and diverse hubs (and you gain fast travel soon enough so traversal is never an issue), and you can quickly build up a list of sidequests to help with levelling and money.


There are problems - sometimes the 3D map isn't always very helpful in showing you how to get to a waypoint, platforming and camera work can be iffy in certain sections, and you can end up underlevelled if you hurry through things - but the good bits more than make up for the rough moments. Oh, and the story is as nuts as you'd expect - things seem fairly straightforward first time around but then multiple playthroughs have some great reveals, lore drops and backstories. There are about five main endings and 20-odd joke ones, but you gain a chapter select after the third ending so it doesn't take too much effort to see other endings. The final non-joke ending in particular is pretty special and left quite an impression. :wub:


Anyway: I really enjoyed it, despite some dodgy moments, and it's great that such a marmite original game received such an interesting follow-up. :)


EDIT: oh yeah and the soundtrack is fantastic

#287290 PlayStation VR

Posted by qazimod on 13 October 2016 - 07:23 PM

Yes, I did it. Under normal circumstances I might be mad to shell out £350 for some fancy goggles, but as someone who set some funds aside (read: bought slightly fewer games) in 2015 and who only has one new-gen platform to buy games for (okay two if you count the Vita) I had already made preparations for the expense. Furthermore, I've long been a stranger to new VR (and old VR come to think of it; I never really tried the Virtual Boy type stuff of the past) and this seemed like a slightly more accessible option when compared to the Oculus Rift (requiring a new PC), Gear VR (requiring a new phone) or Vive (requiring an unused room.)


After unboxing, the first thing that struck me was how much stuff there was. After taking out the headset there are cables that go into boxes, boxes for the cables, and lengthy (but easy to follow) instructions on putting it all together. Assuming you've already got your PS Camera hooked up to the PS4, you then connect the TV and PS4 to the processor unit via HDMI leads, send a USB cable from the processor unit to the PS4, plug the AC brick into the processor unit and a spare socket, plug the VR headset into the processor unit and plug some headphones into the VR headset if you so desire. Basically that little unit can end up with spaghetti coming out and going in several directions, so it's just as well that you have a headset shielding your eyes from an ungodly mess of cables.


My constant twitter updates helpfully timestamped my progress, and it was about an hour of setup between the hardware arriving at the door and my first look at the dashboard through the headset, although I had cleared some floor space beforehand. The headset itself has a couple of features to make viewing more comfortable - the adjustable headband helps you find a good fit, and if you're looking forward but the VR view is "off" by a bit, you can hold the Options button on the controller to centre the view again.


I preloaded two games to get me started, although there's some other stuff on the bundled demo disc. Tumble VR is the first game I played; a simple physics game where you use motion control (the DS4 works fine) to pick up and stack blocks to make the highest tower possible. It's a game that doesn't necessarily need VR, but I figured it would work as a gentle introduction to the technology. The VR effect kind of feels like those old Fisher Price viewfinders but a billion times better, and using DS4 Move tech to pick up 3D objects and move them towards you really shows off the effectiveness of the VR space. I also got Rez Infinite which kind of feels like Rez HD but with a more flexible camera. Interestingly, you can move the view with your head but the onscreen cursor can still be moved with the controller as usual. It feels a bit unusual at first but it's not long before your head and hands are working together. And you get to be "in" Rez which is pretty much worth the £25 price tag.


One other thing to note is that before today I was a stranger to VR but I didn't really experience any "motion sickness" or "discomfort" when playing - there were a few iffy reports on the tracking and responsiveness but my setup was pretty much fine for the most part. PSVR is the kind of thing that's hard to "review" because so many people have varying amounts of success, but even with my limited space and cable spaghetti I found the experience enjoyable. Is it enjoyable enough to justify £350? That might depend on future support, but as one of the more accessible massmarket VR solutions it's a promising start.

#287146 Bloodborne (was Alpha now full game)

Posted by qazimod on 15 April 2016 - 04:48 PM

And almost a year later I've picked up the platinum trophy. In my defence I have been playing lots of other games over these months, so I probably could have done this sooner. Heck, I usually don't care about 100%ing stuff most of the time but I had noticed that there were only a few remaining trophies, all of which looked easily attainable. I had to get the bad and neutral endings, and also obtain all weapons, first in the base game, then in the DLC. I was only missing one DLC weapon - the Rakuyo that was in the fishing hamlet with the Street Sharks - so that was easily attainable once I found a safe spot and cheesed things. Finding all weapons in the base game took a little while because one or two were buried in chalice dungeons and the character I was using hadn't been touching chalice dungeons so I had to hurry through those. One weapon I needed was the one you get in NG+, so because I had two characters near the endgame I figured I could get the last weapons with one and get the neutral ending, then switch to the other and get the bad ending (which is just a dialogue choice so it's done in seconds.) So yay. As I said, I don't really care about Souls games generally but this is pretty fun in comparison. :)

#287133 Retro Emulators

Posted by qazimod on 02 April 2016 - 06:06 PM

I've been getting back into emulation in one or two ways myself, although it's just been on PC rather than Pi. I found that I missed having a big bunch of MAME games to hand; I once had hundreds burnt to disc but I no longer have anything like that, and I have a bad habit of downloading MAME to try out one game, then getting rid of everything once I'm done. So I've been keeping my games and even though I must only have a few dozen right now it's nice to be doing it again.


I also looked into NewRetroArcade - an Unreal Engine project someone made where you load in MAME games and it lets you play them in a 3D arcade. It sounds daft, but when you add in 80s music for the radio and put game art on the cabinets and plaster classic film posters around the walls you can create an interesting retro atmosphere. At the moment I've just been putting game art on the screens and cabinets so that you at least know at a glance what's on offer...




(EDIT: yes, I believe front panel art is a thing too but I haven't got there just yet :( )

#287106 look how stylish jpop group Perfume are.

Posted by qazimod on 18 February 2016 - 02:13 PM


#287105 Street Fighter V...SON! PS4 & PC + Cross Play Confirmed

Posted by qazimod on 17 February 2016 - 02:06 PM

It arrived today :D I guess for people playing the game yesterday it must have been fun times, but for me it was Tuesday ;) I still have a bunch of patching to get on with before I can even try and play the game, so we'll see...

#287102 Street Fighter V...SON! PS4 & PC + Cross Play Confirmed

Posted by qazimod on 16 February 2016 - 10:18 PM

Still waiting for a delivery here, but the Amazon status has been "Arriving today" for most of today, so I'm not sure what my chances of getting hold of it are... :P


Still "Arriving today" apparently  :rolleyes: I'll just pick it up from the high street or get some PSN credit, and then if it ever gets delivered I'll try and return it...