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Thoughts on E3?

15 June 2017 - 07:39 AM

This was the first E3 that I sat and watched many of the conferences (apart from Nintendo's; which I heard was strong).  I'm usually put off by all the fluff and cheesy moments they throw up when on stage.  It's usually pretty terrible.  It felt a bit different this time, with a focus on the games.   


Some thoughts on specific moments/games:-

  • Anthem had a bit of 'wow' factor; but not sure exactly what it is.  A co-op open world action-RPG with exo-suits?  I'll be interested in this if it has a strong single player story.
  • Looking forward to the Star Wars: Battlefront II campaign mode.  It seems to be more of a focus; rather than an afterthought.  I have no interest in the multiplayer.
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of War is a day-one for me.  I loved Shadow of Mordor.
  • Xbox One X looks cool; but being a PC gamer and the fact MS are releasing all their games on Windows 10; it's not a consideration for me.
  • Nothing new from the MS game lineup jumped out at me; apart from Ori and the Will of the Wisp.  This is my most anticipated game.
  • I liked the Sony conference focus on the games; and some of them look interesting; Uncharted, Days Gone, God of War, Detroit, Spiderman
  • The Ubisoft conference was a bit cringe.  The Mario & Rabbids game looked great though!! 
  • I heard that Assassin's Creed was getting a 'refresh'; but it didn't look any different to the other games!  Yes, it has a bird mechanic and the melee combat looked to be an improvement; but gosh it's going to be another icon-hoovering affair again isn't it?
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a weird one.  A proper sequel is in the works, but this is a prequel (telling the story of Chloe) without the time travel mechanic (obviously).
  • Not sure how I felt about the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer.  It seemed to go against the feel/atmosphere/tone of the original game.
  • Metro Exodus looked good; but a scripted demo no doubt.
  • Dishonored (standalone) DLC is a day-one for me.  I like these games.

Feeling better about my intended PS4 Pro purchase based on what I saw from the Sony exclusive line up.  Lots of games coming up that appeal.


30 May 2017 - 10:50 AM


Anyone else playing this beaut?!  It's really good!


I'm always a sucker for games that look like this.  I think they look a lot nicer than games aiming for 'realism'; there's something charming about them.  So this grabbed my attention for it's looks, without necessarily knowing what the gameplay was like.  I then saw some gameplay footage just before release and knew this would be something I'd enjoy.


It's an exploration/adventure game where you traverse the environment; solving simple environmental puzzles (flipping switches, collecting keys, activating light totems etc) before moving on to the next section.  It's pretty simple stuff (nothing brain taxing like the Witness) and it's just a really nice calming adventure game with wonderful design and lovely music.  I've played a few hours so far and have finished the first main section, and it reminds me of Journey but with more puzzles - though, as mentioned quite simple ones.


I've heard the ending is really strong, so I'm looking forward to exploring more of the world.  Just really charming stuff. 

Playstation 4 Pro

27 May 2017 - 09:03 AM

Starting this thread for general discussion about the PS4 Pro.  Now I have a 4K TV this is on my radar.  No doubt I'll have questions about it; for now this can be my placeholder for my hype posts and questions when I do pick one up.  


For now I'll keep my eye out for offers (looking at Tesco so I can use my clubcard vouchers)  :)

Ori and the Blind Forest

11 March 2017 - 09:11 AM



Has anyone else played this?


I must say it's turned out to be a real favourite.  I bought the original version when it was released; and was charmed by the amazing visuals and the soundtrack.  It's a stunning game.  I think some folk call it a 'metroid-vania' style game?  A sideways scrolling platformer; where you traverse the environment taking out enemies with a simple attack; but progress is bared by obstacles that are opened up by unlocking extra abilities (double jump, triple jump, missiles, wall climb etc.).  Everything is connected really well (so you're not backtracking a lot); and it all hangs together really well with superb level design.  The controls feel really tight.


Unfortunately when I played it on release I found it very tricky.  I don't traditionally play games that demand good reflexes; so I struggled with it.  I remember getting pulled away by another game and then not returning.  I've since gone back to it as they released a 'definitive edition'.  Not only does this include a new area to play through; they've added a new 'easy' option.  You get more health and power orbs; so it's far less punishing.  The areas themselves are just as hard to tackle; but more orbs mean you can save more frequently (you place down a save point by charging a power orb) so it feels like less of a battle.


It's superb it really is.  I'm right near the end now; having finished all the main sections of the game at 100%.  It was a joy to revisit all the starter areas and sweep up all the final collectibles; and I'm on the final encounter now.  Despite not being a genre I play; it's up there possibly in my top 5 favourite games.  It's such a charming and heart warming game to play; it's just stunning and I think it has the best soundtrack I've ever heard in gaming.


Thoroughly recommended.  If you haven't tried this, go!!