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Request Impression Threads here!

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#1 Singho



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Posted 05 September 2005 - 04:31 AM

Have you got a spare couple of tires round your waist for neglecting to play or start games you have bought? Do you feel like you are late to the party and wish to discuss a game which has been out for some time, but discussion on other forums is just far too spoiler ridden and too far developed to get involved with?

Well, this is the thread for you!

So if you have your shelves stocked with unplayed games of this generation which have been out for the past year, and you wish to talk, or find a collection of forum members to start\finish the game with, post your interest here!

My Gaming Flab *in order of most want to play...

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes : Have not even started it...
DMC3: Not got far at all...cba ;/
Resident Evil 4 Cant remember, might need to restart from begining..anyone else?
God of War: Lost save file...fuck!

Killer 7 Untouched Click for Thread
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Single player...2nd level Click for Thread

***Fatty treats in the not so distant future
***(Preordered? Deffo buying? Post your interest!)

Burnout 4: Revenge

Release Date: 23rd September 2005
Posted Image

Forum Members: Singho

Wanda and Collosus PS2

Forum Members: Singho

Urban Reign PS2

Release Date: 29th September 2005

Posted Image

Forum Members: Singho

Purpose of this sticky

Fat jokes and excercise related shanaigans aside, the basic purpose of this thread is to encourage people to not only start\finish games they have started, but also find other people who missed out initially on the games hype on other forums, and still be able to play it with other members here who are in the same situation and chat about them.

People who have played the game on prior to a new thread of the game in question started here, can help and add to the discussion of their thoughts and understanding that they shouldnt spoil things for people who have not got as far as they have. :)

I will update this initial post from time to time, so all that is left is to see if anyone else here has a game that you still havnt touched or finished, and togeather as a forum, start discussion and posting about the game. :D Future games for which posts will be inevitable, you can gauge interest in that game.

Have a game unifinished? Got a game you want to buy and wish to discuss when released? Join the GHZ GYM. :sugoi:

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#2 Ciaran

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Posted 05 September 2005 - 06:48 AM


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: Got stuck about half way through and I'm to stuborn to read a guide.
Devil May Cry 3: Planned to start after I finished GoW but never got around to, kinda put off by the amount of skill that seems to be required.
Resident Evil 4: Nearly at the second disk and just stopped playing it :/
Killer 7: Got pissed of by the purple guy that keeps repeating himself in some bizarre language and turned it off
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: Died near the end of the first level, never bothere d to go back

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#3 Guest_Jim Rob_*

Guest_Jim Rob_*
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Posted 05 September 2005 - 08:33 AM

count me in for DMC3. I couldnt kill the first boss so i skimmed the cd up the wall and shattered it, nm i can always burn another.. ..erm... buy another, I mean.... obviously :/

#4 davejm



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Posted 05 September 2005 - 12:21 PM

Ban request etc etc...

#5 E. Randy Dupre

E. Randy Dupre

    Just as you suspected, everything I have told you is gibberish

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Posted 06 September 2005 - 02:01 AM

Metroid Prime 2 for me, too. Got distracted by other, shinier, newer things just after I'd begun exploring the swamp area. Got a bit pissed off with the way that all the areas in the dark world looked exactly the same as each other, as well.

The PS2 Castlevania game. Can't remember its subtitle. Probably made it three quarters of the way through. Same thing happened here as happened with MP2.

Psyvariar Revision. Made some real strides into this, got some pretty decent scores, then got annoyed when I realised how long it'd take me to finish X-A with anything approaching an impressive score - I was third or so on the NTSC-uk tables, with Saur in second having twice the score that I'd managed. Would love to return to this at some point, if only to unlock the levels that I missed as a result of my dropping it.

Gradius V. Again, made a fair old dent in this. Found myself getting annoyed by the combination of rock-hard difficulty in later stages (the asteroid one is, as far as I'm concerned, completely fucking impossible) and the almost impossible to spot enemy shots. Not crazy on the idea of having a tiny hit box on your ship and bullet hell in a horizontal shooter, either - whereas I love that shit in verticals, my brain struggles to make the adjustment required by turning everything on its side.

That's about it, I think. Been pretty good at finishing everything else I've bought, as far as I can remember.

I've got a list of games that I've missed out on up until now, but which I'm intending to get hold of asap, so I'll chuck that here too, just in case they're on anyone's flab list. The three that I can remember off the top of my head are:

Baten Kaitos
Tales of Symphonia
La Pucelle Tactics

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#6 PirateKitten


    Wow wow wee waa!

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Posted 06 September 2005 - 08:47 AM

Another notch for Metroid Prime 2 here. Was good fun to play but I god distracted 1/3 into it and now I can't be arsed to go back, I'm sure I won't know where anything is.

If I'm not careful, Killer 7 might get neglected. I've only done first level so far, but I think I need to keep playing this constantly, as if I drop it for a while I'll never go back to it. Like Ciaran says, that weird purple dude is fucking annoying for a start.

Currently neglecting MGS: Twin Snakes, although I did fire it up yesterday for a couple of minutes. Was disappointed it didn't include the special missions, so I'll be hanging on to my PS1 release. Not that I'd get rid of it anyway... my precious.

GTA: San Andreas on PC. Got quite far but have been distracted by Battlefield 2.

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#7 Singho



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Posted 06 September 2005 - 12:20 PM

Right, looks like there is enough interest to start a metroid prime 2 thread then aye? Ill get started on it tonight prolly, not even been out the box :S Also Gamestation are selling MP2:Echoes for 9.99 new. Saw it today.

#8 Snackbar Bobo

Snackbar Bobo
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Posted 06 September 2005 - 12:27 PM

Prime 2 is the best game since Perfect Dark". Any of you fucktards want to disagree you can fuck right off coz you're a cunt. I'm right. 10? That's a fucking steal!!! Anyone not as much as even owning this game deserves a kick up the cunt. BTW: Here's my list of 'yet to starts'. Dragon Warrior VII Gigawing Generations I recommend a 'EVERYONE PLAY PRIME 2' thread. I need to play through on hard again.

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#9 Mr Sands

Mr Sands
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Posted 10 September 2005 - 12:28 AM

Flab: Disgaea: Sort of lost interest. Metroid Prime 2: Barely touched it. Killer 7: Just stopped playing it :blink: DMC3: Finished on Normal, want to play through on hard at some point. I just finished Metroid Zero Mission recently, that was so good that it inspired me to finally get out Prime 2 and start playing. Edit: Just remembered Shin Megami Tensei 3 needs to be finished (started) as well.

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#10 Singho



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Posted 14 September 2005 - 08:30 PM

Just added Fahrenheit and Burnout 4 for the games im gonna be picking up soon in the future. Still havnt started Metroid Prime 2, but I WILL CRACK ON WITH IT ON SATURDAY! If i dont, ban me please! :huh:

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#11 Electric Boogaloo

Electric Boogaloo

    Uncle Benon

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 09:36 AM

Why don't we start a Metroid Prime 2 playthrough thread? It seems enough of us are struggling to start it, so we might need a thread for motivation. :D

#12 Snackbar Bobo

Snackbar Bobo
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Posted 15 September 2005 - 09:50 AM

Fair do's Mind - I remember one time I was stuck it took me around 5 hours to work the bit out. When I did I jumped for joy. My mate has had my copy for the past 6 months now and he was stuck at the same bit so I had to help him or else he was just gonna give it me back - when I showed him how to do it he felt like an idiot as it was so simple. I'd rather work things out myself and feel triumphant rather than seek help and feel like a spoon. I might speak like a Luminoth in riddle format when giving hints to add that bit of roleplay. Coz we're sad. The music gets ace later on - shit, it's ace all the way through.


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Posted 15 September 2005 - 02:23 PM

Anyone looking forward to the release (14/10/05) of Midway's Arcade Treasures 3 on Xbox? I can't wait to play Hydro Thunder again. Played it before on Dreamcast. Great Game! Hope the xbox version has online scoreboards. :)

#14 Mr Sands

Mr Sands
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Posted 16 September 2005 - 01:43 AM

I might speak like a Luminoth in riddle format when giving hints to add that bit of roleplay. Coz we're sad.


I used to do this to help my mate find stars in Mario 64 :D

#15 Crisp_Rapper

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Posted 23 September 2005 - 11:47 AM

Metroid Prime: played it as far as the first boss, was utterly bored by this time. the boss somehow avoided the final killing blow, shrugged itself off and killed me, i am never touching this pile of shit ever again. <_<

Wind Waker: was blitzing through the first temple or whatever (planty one) and was right near the boss when my girlfriend decided we were going out, of course i turned the game off assuming it would save my position. how wrong was i? so i'm back at the start and cannot be fucking arsed to run through it all again.

i daren't list the amount of games i've not finished... it's all but 'halo2' this gen (and i really forced myself to get through that), out of maybe 50 games. :blink:

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