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Everybody's Golf (2017)


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#1 uiruki

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Posted 04 September 2017 - 09:12 PM

The grind is real.


It's a new Everybody's Golf game! If you've played one before you know 90% of what you're getting - an arcadey golf game with simple timing-based controls but creative course design that rewards precision and consistency with incredibly unrealistic scores (ones I never stuck out to achieve, unfortunately). This is another one, except they removed all the charming characters for some mediocre Xbox Avatar style self-designed characters!


This game's had a troubled development and it shows. The loading takes ages, the characters aren't great to look at (though much better than the efforts on first reveal), the menu and world feel disjointed - the whole thing feels like someone had a bright idea to make an open world golf game and they tried their best to patch up something that worked.


There are good ideas; I like the way you can wander around a course and see people online playing. It's very satisfying to see someone scuff a putt and then drain one yourself. The gallery moving around with you and cheering in single player is cute and fun and it feels way less barren than the previous entry.


My main issue with the game is the unlocks. It just takes so damn long to move forward and unlock duels or new stuff. You're expected to run around the course to scrape together coins to get new stuff. The game is painfully aware they could only finish five courses plus two DLC ones at launch.


Luckily the golf is still good. The power bar still moves at 60fps, the initial course (for that's all I have been able to play - after a couple of hours I unlocked the second half of it) is very good and once you're in a game it's reasonably speedy. But what a mess around it.


One last special mention for the PS4 Pro 60fps mode. It's 60fps but only technically. Basically, the camera moves at 60fps but everything that animates, 2D or 3D, does so at 30 even when it's right up in the front of the screen. It's so offputting I ended up putting it back into 4K mode which makes the PS4 run like a jet engine for some reason.


I'm really mixed on this. The bit where I'm playing golf is fun but everything around it irritates. The minute-long loading times for 9 holes. The lengthy XP bar animations whenever you hit a shot (and when you level up a club you have to press a button to move on). Not being able to skip shots online (though I can understand why that happens at least). Just loads of little pauses when all I want to do is line up and take my next shot. Irritating.


Oh yeah, and putting is now three clicks because they seemingly wanted to slow that down too - impact makes so little difference to your stroke on the green.


edit: Reading that back, it sounds more negative than I originally intended. To be clear, I've no problem with the part where you take a shot and the first course's design is great. They put in enough wind to make you realise how much it changes things, it makes you think about going a club or two shorter to avoid trees or the boundary - you're not just shooting down the middle to make birdies right away. The shot timing is still as good as it gets, the spin system remains my favourite in computer golf and most importantly, the feeling you get when you chip in from 30 yards or read a long putt perfectly to get that birdie or save a par on a long par 4 (with your starter clubs, some of those longer 4s feel tough) is not really matched in the genre. It's just everything around it. I paid £18 thanks to that PSN code Amazon pricing error and I definitely think it's worth that. Without a group to play with though, I think it flounders and the issues just float up.

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#2 plopboy


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Posted 08 September 2017 - 10:51 AM

I've only touched the surface of this, i.e. played the first course and like you say there is some of the charm missing and the open world bits do feel bolt on and unnecessary, but the actual golfing bit is really good.


I like the fact you can see other people playing, but importantly when you start taking a shot the other players stop so you don't get distracted which I think is a really good bit of design.


Whether it stays as a fun distraction now and again or I get really into it I'll have to see.

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