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Introduction to the Impressions Board

To add a slight twist to the standard user review, we've altered the outlook of this forum slightly to promote more feedback and discussion. Members are invited to write an opening post for a game of their choice and then not only discuss the game and review, but to also rate it on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

The aim of the Impressions forum is to allow for users who have experienced the game under scrutiny to offer their own rating. Therefore, rather than being purely the opinion of a single author, the effective score should better reflect the membership of the Green Hill Zone community.

Of course, being an open vote, the results are very much dependent of the community here. We would therefore strenuously request that people refrain from attempting to "fix" or "sway" a vote one way or the other; remember, this is for the benefit of everyone who reads this site, and unscrupulous votes merely ruins it for everyone else.

Please note that, if need be, voting logs will be monitored and those thought to be attempt to sway a vote will have their polling rights removed.

How to create an Impressions thread

Impressions threads are, of course, polls, so your first port of call should be the New Poll button at the top right of the page. (Please note - if you cannot see the New Poll button, see the footnote at the bottom of these instructions).

Topic title - normal thread title. Please enter the name of the game or item being discussed

Topic description - If reviewing a game, please enter the platform in question (eg, PS2, Gamecube etc).

Poll question - Rate "XYZ" (5 best - 1 worst)

In the Poll Choices box below, enter the following 5 numbers on separate lines, as shown:


Make poll only? - Ensure this option is NOT ticked (default)

You'll then see that you have the normal posting area below, please enter your review/discussion post here for the software in question.


As this will be a place to discuss released games we'd rather discussion be about the game itself and nothing else. Please do not discuss or vote unless you have played the game. We have provided spoiler tags, please put them to good use.

With each new poll it would be preferred if the creator could write a small amount about the game. There are no hard rules as to what this has to cover. If you feel there is enough information in the post then there probably is.

Footnote - Some members may not presently have the "New Poll" or voting facilties. There are now two usergroups on the forum, members and "full member". In joining the forum, you are automatically assigned to the members group. Once you have attained 25 posts, you wil be promoted to "full member", thus permitting voting and creation of Impressions threads.

This decision was made to prevent people from signing up to the forum purely to attempt to sway the voting on a particular impressions thread, essentially preventing abuse of the system. It also means that the scores therein will much more accurately reflect members who post at Green Hill Zone frequently.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to PM one of the admins:

Electric Boogaloo


GHZ Admin team.

(Just in case there is any confusion, your vote should reflect your opinion of the game in question, having sampled it yourself, not the review in question.)

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