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#285340 iOS and Android gaming recommendations

Posted by MrToad on 20 May 2014 - 08:21 AM

Saw Fuddle had bought an iPad and couldn't see a thread for these, so I thought I'd kick one off :)

These days my gaming is pretty much exclusively on my 4th gen iPod Touch, so all games mentioned are iOS, but most (I think) have an Android version too.

EDIT: Have now got an iPad mini Retina, so some of these I'd only recommend for newer iDevices. Those that work well/acceptably on the last gen iTouch are tagged with (iOS 6).

Stuff I'd recommend:

  • Bastion - see impressions thread
  • Galaxy on Fire 2 (iOS 6) - cracking spaceship shooting/equipping goodness - currently the nearest you'll get to Elite on a mobile. If you've got an iPad get the HD version.
  • Swordigo (iOS 6) - a pretty darn fine platform action adventure.
  • Tiny Troopers (1 + 2) (iOS 6, although it struggles a bit) - it's basically Cannon Fodder, but on your mobile
  • Infinity Blade (iOS 6) - 1-on-1 hack and slash fun
  • Tron (iOS 6) - sadly the lightbike controls are rubbish and annoying (well, I couldn't get on with them) but the tank game is good enough to be worth a mention, and it's free
Turn based strategy:
  • Hoplite (iOS 6) - see impressions thread
  • Greed Corp (iOS 6) - a rather different take on the TBS genre. iTouch is a bit small to do it justice, but this'd be cracking on an iPad (if you get the HD version).
  • Hunters: Episode One (iOS 6) - awesome TBS that's pretty much a mobile version of Space Crusade / Space Hulk
  • Hitman GO - see impressions thread
Quick 5 minutes:
  • Plasma Sky (iOS 6) - awesome retro-styled bullet nightmare shooty fun. See impressions thread
  • PewPew (iOS 6) - old school beat-the-score manic shooting goodness, with 4 different game modes.
  • Sonic Jump (iOS 6) - not the classic Sonic style, but a well presented platformer that I keep returning to.
  • Peggle (iOS 6) - puzzle and skill goodness
  • Cut the Rope (iOS 6) - a puzzle classic
  • Where's My Water? + Where's My Perry? (iOS 6) - physics based puzzling at its best
EDIT 15/8/2014: Added Plasma Sky and Walking Dead.
EDIT 11/9/2014: Added link to Plasma Sky impressions.
EDIT 18/9/2014: Added Bastion and iOS 6 tags.


Posted by Singho on 05 March 2014 - 11:57 PM

Hey Dudes


Not had much time to post on here recently, few of the GHZ lads already know, but thought I better post up a thread here in good old Off topic...I AM THE DADDY, POW!  Didn't even have time to post here been so busy... :lol:


Born on the 31st January 2014, my little beauty Harley was born. ^_^




My first child and future Martial Arts Champion!


Mrs Singho is fine, I am also now fully recovered for those of you that are concerned. ;D

#284775 Now You're Playing with Power. The NES.

Posted by bowser123 on 02 March 2014 - 07:13 PM

Like for most people on here, and probably in Europe, the NES was a machine that didn't get much time. I started with a home computer (Amstrad in my case, Spectrum for the majority) before progressing onto a SNES (again maybe altered for a Mega Drive for others). I imagine that's a similar story for most and if you did go 8 bit it'd be for the Master System.
I did own a NES, along with Mario 3 and Double Dragon, all bought for me as a present. The problem was the machine was bought when the NES was dead and after I'd already owned a SNES for about 18 months. I did play the arse out of SMB3 and think alongside SMW it represented the pinnacle of 2D platforming.
Over the years I bought, played and completed a few more Nintendo classics like the original Zelda and Metroid on my NES. Enjoyed them all, but again, belatedly playing them after I'd finished Super Metroid and LttP took some of their impact away. Other NES games I played largely came from compilation discs like Mega Man Collection on the Gamecube, Zelda 2 on the 3DS. Almost uniformally everything I've played has been Nintendo made. Other stuff was bought on NES cart- Battle of Olympus, Low G Man, Mega Man 2, Cosmic Spacehead- but they largely remained unplayed. Duck Tales, Chip 'N Dale and Blades of Steel are some I played more of to a degree but again it's only really Nintendo classics I've finished.
Then the other day, inspired by the Mega Man thread, I decided to seek out and play stuff I'd never really tried before. Made a list using NESguide by selecting developers I know (Konami and Capcom mainly), aided by a top 100 list , which again is predictably dominated by Nintendo, Konami and Capcom. First game I tried:






Played and completed the original Catlevania inside a day. That's the first none Metroidvania from the series I've managed to finish. What did I make of it?
It's reasonable but nothing special. By far the best bit is the music.
The game is split over 15 stages or so, with a boss at the end of every 3 or so. The bosses are where the main challenge is introduced really, besides death meaning a restart from the beginning of the stage with no checkpoints. By far the hardest for me was Death though having played him again I realised I could cheese it by trapping him in one place with the fire water. Dracula was reasonable but quite easy once you got his pattern down and destroyed his flame attack with said water.
The game finishes, gives the credits and reveals the names of the enemies involved. It then loops back to the start (bottom right pic) where the game begins again with seemingly more enemies that move faster and hit harder. It's a reasonable starting game though nothing special, one that was tricky but didn't force me to rely on save states. I used them, but mainly as a way of saving the start of every level and only Death forced me to utilise save states at various points of the same fight. Then again I tried him again once he was down, reloading a save state and cheesed him in one spot.
Castlevania: B-
Talking of save states and the screen grabs from my actual playthrough, hands up time. Despite owning a NES, and having some of the games on cart, I've gone the emulation route. Several reasons really, mainly being the limitations of the hardware. The NES being RF or composite only everything looks shockingly bad on my LCD. Worse than that there's an element of lag present that's noticeable. I also suffered with hardware faults like the flashing light, having to load a game three times to make it work, jamming a second cart ontop of the first just a few things I had to do.
I very quickly grew tired of these hardware issues and played the games through my modded Xbox and a surprisingly perfect Android emulator on my tablet. The NES pad is also really uncomfortable. Luckily for me I have an adaptor to use different pads on the Xbox. Better still the tablet lets me use bluetooth controllers so I've been using a Wii Classic Controller and the official Wii SNES pad . Got to say flicker free, enhanced graphics with a comfortable pad and save stats very quickly won me over. The games no longer feel dated.
Second game I played, and it's an absolute revelation. Stupid name, brilliant game:


Metroidvania is one of my favourite genres. I've played and finished so many, it really is a genre that hooks me in. A quick think and I reckon I rate the genre like this in my order of preference:
Godly games- Super Metroid, Castlevania Symphony
Superb games- GBA Castlevania and Metroids, Kirby Amazing Mirror (man that handheld)
Decent- Megaman ZX, Shaman King, La Mulana, Cave Story
OK- Monster Tale, Guacamelee, NES Metroid
Anyway. Point of the list? I reckon Ufouria ranks below godly but deservedly in the "superb" list. It really is that good and quite possibly in my (limited) top 3 NES games. One thing for sure is it's miles, miles better than NES Metroid. What makes it so good?
You start the game with one little dude, the blue fella (left pic). He can do very little and is weak, though the game is kind initially in allowing him to take four or five hits off his HP before he dies. His initial aim is to reunite with his three other buddies. This is important as each has their own unique skills that makes traversing the world possible. The first guy jumps hight and is fast, the second dinosaur (middle pic) can swim and traverse successfully on ice. Trying either with a different character outright fails as only the dino can stay upright on ice and is able to move in water.
All have a basic attack, similar to Duck Tales in that you jump and have to hold down to initiate a stomp. Merely jumping without the stomp results in you taking damage. Later on there's secret weapons to find that enhance their attacks. Generally though you stomp on an enemy and it either turns into a blob (left pic) that you can throw to attack, or less frequently a heart to top up your HP. You switch the characters with a pause menu., intelligent use of their powers necessary to overcome the puzzles.


Lot's about the game is very bizarre and makes it feel quite unique. The enemies are varied, the use of items super. I like the idea of a plunger to help you wall climb for example.  Everything looks so weird, the level of oddity is so high. One can attack by detaching his head, another when ducking proceeds to lie on his back and crawl around. The animation is of a high standard and the music catchy.




The real quality of the game? It allows real exploration, a genuinely none linear experience. Once you have the first two characters you really can go almost anywhere, skill allowing. Aided by a map (which has to be found, above right), it later highlights parts of interest. Judging by the difficulty of the bosses and the items I've received I've definitely been playing out of order something that has come about by my exploring.


Whilst the map is little more than perfunctory in quality it's immensely valuable in comparison to something like the original Metroid that had none. I've enjoyed returning to old areas and using new abilities to create a shortcut. These new passages have been important because upon death the game puts you back to the original start point. There's no lives or checkpoints, but you do retain all your items so death isn't too frustrating. A small concession to this is the bosses that place you just outside their room. The game also isn't that hard so it hasn't been a regular occurrence to see the game over screen, it's a game where I have used no save states outside of saving when I turn off to negate the use of passwords.


I don't really know how far I'm in but I estimate about halfway given the filling of the item screen and the ticking off of the green special areas. So I don't think it'll be much longer than a 10-15 hour game, but so far it's been immensely enjoyable.


So much so that the game enthused me enough to want to write about it.





Point of the thread? A blog for me to keep track of the new stuff I've played. Hopefully it'll reveal some new games that people will try. Though I won't be retreading old classics like Zelda and Mario it's always nice to read about them if you do play them.


Next post- completing Ufouria. Writing about the excellent Gargoyles Quest 2 and maybe inroads into Kid Dracula.



#286821 Life Status

Posted by Electric Boogaloo on 11 July 2015 - 03:56 AM

as work has mostly gotten in the way. 


And this is what my work has been for the past few years...Microsoft HoloLens!


#286797 X360 Backwards Compatability for XBONE

Posted by TheShend on 05 July 2015 - 08:59 PM

You can also vote for the game you want to see get BC. Which means you all want to vote for this obviously!

#286780 GHZ - The Final Resuscitation

Posted by Singho on 01 July 2015 - 09:25 PM

Hey Guys


Firstly, I would like to say a great big thank you for the old faithful that have still persisted to post on here...for whatever reason!


I've not had a laptop\PC for a number of months and I have always intended to get back onto GHZ once I had decided to take the place over again in November 2014.  


Big Ups Uiruki, Plopboy, Shadowman and Qazi.  Once this place is back up and running, I will send all of you boys a game of your choice!


Also, a great big thank you to Laser aka Chris who has hosted the site since ever since this place had been set up.  He has closed up shop but we have been placed into the hands of Matt @ Lloyds Hosting who has been very kind in archiving and putting the site back online this week.


So, this is the deal.


The option was there to archive the site and then just call it quits.  But I honestly love this place and I have tried to go back to some of the other forums but it didn't feel right.  When this place was at it's most active, there was such a range of great posts and knowledgeable opinions on games that didn't get drowned out or lost in people asking whether Shopto has delivered their game early.


So, I just thought it would be a good idea to give it a final push.


Previously, I think the reason why the place didn't move forward was because there were too many Chiefs.  We also had some illusions of grandeur of becoming a review site which kind of took away the focus.  There was also a number of years where a lot of antogonists drove a number of quality posters away, which should have been nipped in the bud earlier on.


But, I think what is best for GHZ is we just stay as a forum, discussing games and anything that comes up along the way will naturally occur.


If there is anything that people would like to see here in terms of forum features or any ideas to bring back some of the older forum personalities, just post here.


I'm gutted I couldn't get back on this place before E3 as that would have been the perfect time for a restart, but hey, never mind.


If anyone has ideas for or suggestions such as new forum software or upgrades as well, that may help revive the place on an aesthetic level.  But, main thing is, let's get posting again.





#285106 Life Status

Posted by E. Randy Dupre on 15 April 2014 - 11:41 PM

Thought this year would be the shittiest year of them all. Entered it knowing that my job role was being altered on a fundamental level, entirely against my wishes and without any proper consultation with me.


In the event, and bar a couple of exceptions, I love the team I'm working with now. Friendly, social, professional. Three things that I've not had from work colleagues in the last eight years.


Plus, I started renting a house last Friday. It's potentially lovely, but is in reality a bit crap in a lot of places, due to landlords who clearly don't give a shit about it as long as they're getting the rent. This is fine, though, as it's in the nicest bit of town - old-school Victorian terrace on a cobbled street, near a load of nice restaurants and arty-farty shops, right on the doorstep of the town park/gardens and the river - and is, relatively speaking, dirt fucking cheap.


Plus, I entered into a relationship with somebody I met within that new team at work. Two weeks in, I discovered that she's into Persona, Gurren Laggan and loads of other cool shit.


I offered to lend her the import Persona 3 & 4 soundtrack CDs. She already owns them herself.


So far? Best year ever.

#283982 GHZ MEAT 2013

Posted by Willei on 28 November 2013 - 05:38 PM

Yeah go on then. I can stand in the corner with actual real gentleman Will Burnett and we can laugh at you all for playing video games.


Here's an idea of what that might look like:



#287137 The Mega Man Megathread

Posted by shadowman on 09 April 2016 - 09:08 PM

Did you buy all 3 versions? Physical or digital?


Yep, got all physical editions released bar the Amazon Exclusive release as that was just something Amazon threw together, as opposed to being a proper retail release:



PS4 and Xbox One editions (also pictured is a rare, small print run of a fan made 2D Mega Man Legends 3 Prologue demo that Capcom staffers helped with. Apparently it only had 100 copies made, not sure if that's true or not).



Both 3DS editions - Rockman Legacy Collection E Capcom exclusive that comes with Dr Wiy's diary (that has actual journal entries in it from the good doctor) as well as stickers and 6 alternate sleeves for the game (each sleeve features the original Famicom cover art from each of the 6 games on the collection.

The USA exclusive edition comes in one of the cheapest damn boxes I've ever seen, good luck getting one that isn't dented... It comes with a Gold Amiibo Mega Man (that unlocks 3DS exclusive challenges) and a few postcards featuring the characters in the 6 games (art on the post cards are really nice).