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Post your latest Retro buys or Collections!

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#31 Super Stu

Super Stu
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Posted 07 March 2006 - 07:16 PM

What the hell is this?



#32 Tokyochojin


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Posted 07 March 2006 - 07:25 PM

When is the next student loan btw? Is it this month, i'm skint already like.

Is it not hentai or just some kind of gaming manga?

It says megaton nosochi, cant quite figure the meaning of nosochi thou.

#33 Smegaman


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Posted 08 March 2006 - 03:52 AM

My student Loan goes in around the 18th of April sad.gif I'm completely skint myself, especially with Red Dwarf series 8 and Under Defeat already pre ordered to buy this month, thats pretty much all my spare cashflow until the next loan gone in those 2 alone sad.gif

#34 TheShend


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Posted 08 March 2006 - 09:12 AM

QUOTE(Super Stu @ Mar 7 2006, 07:16 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Isn't it one of those 'douchin' (sp?) thingies? An unofficial hentai book featuring anything from girls representing handhelds to One Piece and beyond. IP rape laugh.gif :|

#35 E. Randy Dupre

E. Randy Dupre

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Posted 08 March 2006 - 01:35 PM

QUOTE(Smegaman @ Mar 7 2006, 06:26 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Randy I believe the filterin is actually a result of the Xbox rather than the developer. Even my emulators look blurry on the Xbox.

I dunno, Smeg. A lot of emulators are designed to filter the visuals like that and fail to provide the option to turn it off because the emu developers think that the games look better that way blink.gif It's the same with things like ZSNES on the PC.

If you check out SF Anniversary Collection, Capcom provided the option to turn the filtering on or off.

#36 E. Randy Dupre

E. Randy Dupre

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Posted 14 March 2006 - 01:37 PM

Right then. Stuff I've wasted my money on in recent months (pics to arrive when I remember where I've put the lead for the camera):

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (NGPC)

Attached File  Cotton02.gif   6KB   36 downloads

It's alright as far as handheld shmups go. Nice to have something shooty for when you're on the move and this fits the bill. Nothing spectacular, though, and the main character sprite feels a bit big when it comes to avoiding some of the boss attacks. Decent enough music, saves high scores, unlocks the story scenes for viewing again later.

Storyline makes no sense at all. I don't know if that's the result of a poor translation or drugs. Cotton, apparently, loves "WILLOW". What the fuck "WILLOW" is supposed to be, I have no idea.

Think it's a conversion of the PC Engine game.

Picture Puzzle (NGPC)

Attached File  reviewpicturepuzzle_3.jpg   14.09KB   37 downloadsAttached File  reviewpicturepuzzle_2.jpg   14.87KB   34 downloads

A bit of a shameless steal of Picross, I think. Again, though, never played Picross so I'm going on what I've been told. You're given a blank grid with a bunch of numbers along either axis. The numbers indicate how many squares on that row/column need to be filled in for the picture to appear, and it's up to you to work out which ones to colour. Great fun for the first few puzzles, then falls on its arse when it starts giving you puzzles that require guesswork. Make a wrong guess and you have little choice but to start the puzzle over.

Has comedy value in the way that some of the pictures - the early 5x5 grid ones, especially - don't look like anything other than a bunch of filled-in squares, even after the game's told you what they're supposed to be.

"This is Cool" pad (Sega Saturn)

A necessary purchase, because all my other Sat pads have now bitten the dust. Not a major headache, because they were either the awful first-generation UK/US ones, or third-party ones. Same thing happened to all of them in the end - the d-pad stopped responding properly, usually sticking in one direction for a second or so after you'd taken your finger off. Suicidal in shmups.

So I bought this just after I got those last two Parodius games, and the benefits were clear immediately. Looped Chatting Parodius three times in one game the very first time I used it laugh.gif Beautiful pad - so responsive and so comfortable.

Donpachi (Saturn)

Attached File  don_02.gif   85.6KB   31 downloadsAttached File  don_03.gif   83.69KB   33 downloads

Bought because I'm fed up of playing it in MAME with a shitty pad. The conversion's surprisingly rough, actually - not in how it looks (although the yoko mode is pretty poor), but in terms of loading times, which are a bloody nightmare. You don't even get a Now Loading sign - just a frozen screen.

Looks lovely in tate. Some extra slowdown over the arcade game when the screen gets busy, but I suppose that's to be expected. Has a score attack mode for each level, which is a nice extra but nothing to wet yr pants about.

Not much else to say here. It's Donpachi, therefore it's aces. Brand new copy, too.

Same as with Ibara (see Impression thread), can't put as much time into it as I'd like to right now, because I've not got the energy to keep flipping the screen around every time I want to play something else. When and if I get that nice new HDTV, I'll be having this portable whacked into tate position permanently. If I can find somewhere to put it, that is.

Cho Aniki (PC Engine CD)

Attached File  Cd_fa40.gif   12.54KB   45 downloadsAttached File  Cd_fa46.gif   18.46KB   45 downloads

First in Masaya's notorious series of shoot 'em ups. Quite basic gameplay, but no less fun for that. Visuals aren't as insane as a lot of people would have you believe - for any other genre, maybe that'd be true, but shmups have always had a grand tradition of doing things differently. Apparently, the same artist on this game also worked on the Megadrive shmup Gynoug, and the similarities are obvious - a weird sort of ancient Greek steampunk thing going on with enemies, human faces whacked onto bronze boss monstrosities, a player character that's a flying guy with a cape.

Doesn't have the overly confusing powerup system from Gynoug, which is a good thing. Autofire is automatic when you hold the button down, then when you lift your finger off it you get a powerful beam shot - the longer you've held it down for prior to letting go, the longer the beam goes on for and the more powerful it is. Feels a bit too powerful really.

Music's fairly nutty.

Only had a quick go on it so far - arrived this morning - so there's every chance that the later levels push the oddness up a notch. Level two boss is a twat and smacked me down big style after sailing through the game up until then.

Inside of the CD case is covered in brown streaks sad.gif Either it's been smeared in shit, or else it's been in a fire. Might be nicotine stains, I suppose, but doesn't smell like it. CD's got a bit of damage, too, which I was never told about (excellent condition my arse) but plays fine. I can forgive the sller, because I also got...

Gekisha Boy (AKA Gekibo, AKA Photograph Boy, AKA Photo Boy) (PC Engine HuCard)

Attached File  photobo3.GIF   11.08KB   43 downloadsAttached File  photobo6.GIF   13.46KB   35 downloads

Fecking brilliant!

I've wanted the PS2 sequel to this ever since reading the review of it in Edge, but didn't have a compatible machine until recently and then forgot all about it. But then I was looking around eBay for the hell of it, just seeing what PCE stuff was floating about and how the prices were faring, when I found this, the original, for not an enormous amount of cash.

And it's just as good as I always hoped it would be. As soon as you play it you can see where Nintendo got the idea for Pokemon Snap (which I reckon is easily the most underated game on the N64), because it plays like a side-scrolling version of that. Only with flashers, swearing and a grinning pervert for a main character.

The screen is forced scrolling from left to right, with you - the grinning pervert - moving along it. You have some freedom of movement within it yourself, but the d-pad mainly controls your camera sights. The idea is to snap any and every interesting event on your journey, while keeping an eye out for obstacles like skateboards and thrown knives (which can be destroyed by phographing them or avoided by jumping over them).

You get a small amount of points for taking regular photos - just shit like the faces of people as they walk past you - but major points for one-off incidents as and when they happen. Like the bloke in the mac who flashes at you. Or the car that gets abducted by a UFO. Or the Statue of Liberty's undies when her skirt gets raised up by a passing plane. That sort of thing. When you take one of these special photos, you get rewarded with a pickup - usually extra film, but sometimes a speed increase or a similar upgrade. Run out of film and the level ends prematurely. Each level has a set score that you have to reach in order to progress to the next.

I've read that the sequel's absolutely filled with parodies of and references to popular culture, and there's some of that here. Like the ambulance men saving a stick guy jumping out of a burning window by bouncing him on a trampoline - all of which looks *exactly* like that old Nintendo Game & Watch game. Superman flies past at one point. Take a photo of a guy dressed in leathers in the background of the second level and he turns into the Terminator.

Oh, and the swearing. The second level's set in an inner-city American slum, with graffiti sprayed on the walls. Including an enormous great big FUCK about three quarters of the way through laugh.gif One of those gaming moments where you have to wonder if the artists really understood the impact of something from another culture.

Now I just need to hunt down that sequel biggrin.gif


Eeee! They've got it on Yesasia! Bought ph34r.gif

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#37 Corrupt Rose

Corrupt Rose

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Posted 16 March 2006 - 03:33 PM

I bought Shadow of the Beast 2 yesterday on the Amiga. for 2.

No real reason, but I just rememeber pirating it when it first came out all those years ago, and now I've got an official copy. Feel free to send me hate mail explaining how it's my fault Psygnosis went under.

Attached Files

#38 E. Randy Dupre

E. Randy Dupre

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Posted 20 March 2006 - 10:08 AM

QUOTE(Corrupt Rose @ Mar 16 2006, 03:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Feel free to send me hate mail explaining how it's my fault Psygnosis went under.

Some may feel the need to give you a pat on the back instead.

What's SotB2 like, anyway? I had a copy of the first game, which was about as dull as they come, but never played the second.

#39 Corrupt Rose

Corrupt Rose

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Posted 24 April 2006 - 07:38 PM

It's a load of crap, really... near impossible to complete without the famous cheatmode, and even with it it's full of bits you can time wrong and therefore never finish the game because of. Like all Psygnosis games of the period though, it is utterly gorgeous and beautifully atmospheric.

#40 Smegaman


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Posted 25 April 2006 - 06:20 PM

QUOTE(E. Randy Dupre @ Mar 8 2006, 02:35 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I dunno, Smeg. A lot of emulators are designed to filter the visuals like that and fail to provide the option to turn it off because the emu developers think that the games look better that way blink.gif It's the same with things like ZSNES on the PC.

If you check out SF Anniversary Collection, Capcom provided the option to turn the filtering on or off.

An yeah ur right, I've got a newer ver of the Super Nintendo emulator and filtering off = lush biggrin.gif looks so much more authentic and I actually like my SNES games to look pixelated, seein as thats how they were designed to look...

Edited by Smegaman, 25 April 2006 - 06:20 PM.

#41 Singho



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Posted 03 May 2006 - 08:34 PM

On my new semi obsessive collecting thang im on at the moment...incase you dont know, JPN DC SNK\Capcom games, ive aquired a few more and they are in the post as we speak. smile.gif

First off...King of Fighters 99!

Im not really a fan of this version of KOF99, mainly because it looks dreadfull with the 3D backgrounds. The sprites also look horrid, but it was 10 along with THIS!

King of Fighters 99 Dream Match...AKA Dreamcast version of KOF 98 clap.gif Which was 20, but ive been looking for this for YONKS!

This was one of the first Dreamcast games I EVER SAW in Birmingham CEX. They had it running on their main screen and it was at the time...possibly even now...one of the best anime intro sequences I have ever seen! Ill get a capture of it up and post it up when I recieve the game, but I cant wait for this! happy.gif

The backgrounds in this are iirc slightly 3D, but they dont look as stupid as the ones in 99 Evo. Anyway, so glad I managed to finnally find this game. smile.gif

Continuing the theme, I also bought Capcom Vs SNK 1, and Capcom Vs SNK 2 for the Dreamcast. LOVED these games to bits, and all im missing for the cvs collection on DC is the CVS2 Fan Disk, but im not really fussed about that.

Ignore the MVC...I have that already. tongue.gif Both games dont come with spine cards though, but its a minor considering they cost me 8 each.

I have CvS: Pro already, but at the above price, couldnt say no. CvS and CvS2 are probably one of my top that I had hyped myself into a frenzy over. I just couldnt believe that finally I could use characters from the Capcom and SNK universe, team them up, or fight them off against eachother. CvS1 before the days I had internet had me drooling in the Official Dreamcast Magazine, and when I finally got it, I was so chuffed.

Great backgrounds, great reworked SNK characters...even though they were heavily raped, and brilliant music. Had loads of nice touches to the game such as stage intros and character specific intros. smile.gif Had the pal version of this, and the cover art was AWFUL, glad ive got this version now.

By the time CvS2 was out, I was all broadbanded up and would spend probably every day refreshing MMCafe (a fighting game news site) for snippets of info, character unveilings and reports from the beta tests. Loved that fucker to bits when I had it, but sold it on soon as I got the xbox version. THEN I had online play. \o/ Still a great game...I just wish Capcom would make a Capcom vs SNK 3 with like an 80 character strong roster. xD I wouldnt care if its cut and paste sprites tbh! tongue.gif

Was gonna save this for the collectothon thread, but I guess ive only got a few things left to get now.

Garou MOTW
Last Blade
Vampire Chronicles
KOF 2002
Marval vs Capcom 2

So if any of you dudes have these...let me know first right! tongue.gif

Then I think im pretty much set. smile.gif CBA with the alternative cover of SF3Z or the KOF games, as that would just become an expensive and stupid collection instead of somthing nice and managable for me. smile.gif

#42 E. Randy Dupre

E. Randy Dupre

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 04:57 PM

Photos for the stuff from my last post:

Cotton & Picture Puzzle

Attached File  IMG_1182.JPG   28.5KB   31 downloads


Attached File  IMG_1181.JPG   33.55KB   34 downloads

Gekibo and Cho Aniki

Attached File  IMG_1179.JPG   40.24KB   42 downloads

Apologies for the quality of these photos, btw. This camera only seems to be able to focus on things when I've got the flash turned on, which then means that you get a bright white spot right in the centre of them. That's my excuse, anyway.

New old stuff!

My just-started Famicom collection - Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti, Rainbow Islands and Parodius:

Attached File  IMG_1175.JPG   39.39KB   55 downloads

I really like this - it's super-deformed Splatterhouse, complete with a bunch of horror movie parodies. Looks really nice for the Famicom, but is a bit bloody unfair at points. Your control is pretty restrictive and can make it too difficult to avoid certain enemy attacks or get yourself into the position you want in order to hit them. Still a fun little game, though. Check out the sticker sheet that came with it. Neat.

Attached File  IMG_1178.JPG   40.21KB   56 downloads

The box art! THE BOX ART! It's a full-on plasticene/plastic model of Bub, the RI world and a bunch of the enemies. Too cool. Imagine how much that shit would sell for if it ever popped up on eBay. Shit, I'd sell my entire family to medical science for it.

The game's almost as good as ever, but has suffered a little bit in the process of being downgraded from the arcade to the Famicom. Rainbows are smaller than you expect - thinner. It's almost impossible to trap an enemy inside of one, so you resort to firing them off underneat/over the top of them, then breaking them to get the kill. I suspect this is going to make it bloody difficult to progress in later stages - it's like one entire tactic has been taken out of service. Also, sprites have been shrunk down a bit, which changes the feel of the level layouts. One nice addition is that you get a little cut scene at the end of each level. Oh, and it's got the original music, which - bizarrely - sounds nicer than it did in the arcade game, for some reason.

Attached File  IMG_1177.JPG   40.27KB   50 downloads

And so it begins. My first official step in the collectathon. The first non-Saturn Parodius game I've bought. It's Parodius - I loves it long time.

Suffers from some pretty major slow-down and really annoying, unhelpful flicker when there's a lot going on. Which is quite often - Parodius was never shy of chucking enemies at you from all corners of the screen. Still, it looks pretty nice in a lot of places. It also sounds quite cool, although sound effects drop out every now and again when the music has to use up all the channels.

BUT. There's a problem. The Pocket Famicom has the worst d-pad ever and kills me every single time I come up to the Vegas girl. Ducking inbetween her legs requires pixel-perfect control and split-second timing, so you're automatically fucked if your controller can't properly distinguish between left/right and diagonals. I just can't get past her because it keeps steering me into her fucking legs, so can't get to the Famicom-exclusive level and bosses. Oh, and there are a couple of minor downsides to the game itself on this format - the relative lack of available colours makes it difficult, if not impossible, to tell what colour the bell pickups are and there's no option to turn the hugely annoying roulette pickup off. You know the one - the one that looks like all other pickups until you grab it, whereupon it cycles through the powerup list until you hit the button and hope that you don't end up accidentaly swapping your Laser for a Double or, worse, getting the OH NO! one that boots you right back down to basic power. Bah.

Still, though - Parodius. How can you not love it, even with some minor faults?

Attached File  IMG_1176.JPG   31.17KB   43 downloads

Confession time - I've still only played one of these. The Nomad Soul and Maken X I bought on a whim when I saw them for a fiver each in my local indie store, but haven't had the chance to fire up yet.

Mars Matrix has had some serious playtime, though. I really like it - it's like a more refined Giga Wing, with the properties of the bullet-reflecting shield having been changed slightly so that you're given that bit more freedom to use it strategically. Brilliant game, if rock hard.

Attached File  IMG_1184.JPG   33.27KB   39 downloads

Second only to Parodius as the greatest horizontal shmup series ever, R-Type. This despite the fact that I'd never played R-Type Delta until this arrived.

Interesting change in atmosphere over the other games in the series - this is a lot more colourful, a lot more POPtastic. Musically, too. Technically, it's fugly - huge, blocky textures and visuals that are generally just really indistinct. A shame, because other games in the series have always been highly detailed - hell, the original was one of the first games to totally show off the power of 16bit systems, yeah?

But it plays fantastically, and that's the main thing. Set-pieces feel very unique, especially in the context of this series. The level one boss is like nothing else in any of the other games. The pacing of the levels is also dead interesting - the bit where you've got to descend down that vertical shaft in the second level is a good example of how different this is to the rest of the series (and has a seriously cool audio effect when you dip in and out of the water, the music changing to suit).

Have to put in some major time with this one. And I just remembered that I've only ever played R-Type III: The Third Lightning through emulation, so that'll have to be bought at some point.

Oh, yeah. Check out the collectible card and the neato little R's Best sticker. Wish I knew how I could get the other eleven cards (without buying eleven more copies of the game).


Attached File  IMG_1180.JPG   41.39KB   46 downloads

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood get! For a fairly cheap price, too, which is always nice. Amazing game - looks nicer than almost everything ever released for the SNES or Megadrive. So many colours. Intricately-detailed sprites. Breath-taking animation. And the music - best in the series, easily. Really, this totally shows up the recent GBA and DS games as the lazy money-spinners that they are.

I've owned the SNES version of this for years now and it's always made me wonder exactly why people claim the PC Engine game is so good. Now I know - they're entirely different from each other. There's a brandhing elvel structure in the PCE one, and a save game state that lets you start over from any level you've already reached. There's a superb intro, with full-on satanic, Germanic chanting and virgin-sacrifice. And the visuals are so much better here than in the SNES game that it's not even funny. The half-eaten bull corpse thing that chases you through the castle's opening hallway has got loads of animation on PCE. On SNES, it's got two frames. Pah! The village in the PCE actually looks like it's burning. In the SNES it's just a bit wavy, like a weird acid trip. Pah! Honestly, the SNES game is pathetic in comparison (well, it's pathetic full stop).

Macross 2036. Horizontal shooter. Bit boring at first - I'd read that this was a highly desirable PCE game, but when I sat down to play ti I couldn't figure out why. Maybe I got why Macross fans would have the horn over it - it's chock-full of animated, fully-voiced story sequences - but not anybody who doesn't slavishly follow the series. I mean, it looks quite nice - level one's background whizzes by at a ridiculous, dizzying speed - and it sounds wonderful, with some superb music (straight out of the anime, afaik). But to pla, it's a bit dull.

Then you get to level three. Fuck me. It looks *astonishing*. You're flying over a translucent sea, with crystal spires all over the pace and a huge blue planet rising in the background. I've only played the game a couple of times so far (got it yesterday), so this is as far as I've reached, but if it keeps improving at this rate I'll be knocked for six. Seriously, when I first saw level three it was like this ---->


Lastly, Gate of Thunder. First thing you notice is that the developers were obviously fans of the Thunderforce games. Second thing you notice is that, some decent music and a good sense of pace aside, it's dulltastic. Third thing you notice is that most of teh levels look the same as each other.

But yeah. Dull. And easy. I ripped through most of the levels on my first attempt. However, rack the difficulty all the way up from Normal to Devil and the game suddenly comes alive. Bullets everywhere, enemies everywhere. The restrictions on your movement - walls that close in and the like - become nightmarish at this level. Such an improvement - if the standard difficulty was all it had I'd be saying it's a fairly shit game. On the harder settings, though, it's great stuff. Not as great as spiritual sequel, Lords of Thunder but still great.

#43 Smegaman


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Posted 16 June 2006 - 06:44 PM

u weren't the git that got Dracula X off ebay for 50 odd were u? tongue.gif yeah I jus started playin it myself an agree theres no comparison between this an the SNES ver, tho the SNES one isn't a bad game imo, infact I really enjoy it. Jus the PC Engine ver is faaaar better, arguably better than Symphony of the Night imo.

#44 E. Randy Dupre

E. Randy Dupre

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Posted 16 June 2006 - 09:42 PM

Hah! Shit, sorry Smeg - you weren't bidding on that one, were you? I got it for 55.

I've only played the PAL version of the SNES game, so I suspect that doesn't do it any favours. The PCE version looks like it's running on a machine from a different generation, though.

#45 Smegaman


    Nissan Powah!!1

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Posted 16 June 2006 - 10:20 PM

nah I got the one before that went for 89 >_< still don't care, worth every penny tbh. Been playing it tonight, you can clearly see experiments that were fully introduced with Symphony of the Night, but I prefer level based CastleVania games, so having multiple routes while still bein level based = absolutely awesome. GOTY! ;p

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