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21 July 2015 - 08:28 PM

Since completing this last week, had a bit of time to digest my thoughts.


The game itself is more or less Arkham City on a brand new machine.  Just bigger game with a few refinements here and there.


Overall, it's a fantastically made game.  All of the elements work and the story telling and portryal of the Batman universe is great.


My main problem with it now, after Arkham City\Origins...there just wasn't enough to keep my satisfied.  There's nothing also now that the story is over, wanting me to carry on exploring the world as I'm pretty sure outside of a few Riddler scans, I've seen everything that needs to be seen.


The main missions which can be accessed through the wheel can just be grinded out.  You don't stumble across them, most of them missions are exact copies but slightly more complex.  Some of the missions are just lack luster such as Manbat and other's are just repetitive such as the mines and hunting down the APC.  The best missions were taking out the checkpoints as each one had a different and increasing level of difficulty.


The villains associated with some of these mission just does not provide a satisfying ending to the missions.  Two Face, Penguin, Scarecrow, Hush...all wasted.


I enjoyed the main story, but it's just a variation on a Batman tale that's already been told

.  Where things were looking to get interesting and a possible way for a particular character's madness to spread through Gotham, they literally pulled the trigger on it and killed it dead.  Johnny Charisma...


It's a great Batman game, but not the game I've been waiting since 2011\2012 as I'm already done with it!


I knew they were not going to mess around with the formula too much as why mess around with something that works.  I just think that a bit of exploration and freedom would have allowed the game to slowly evolve and branch out, rather then it being another open world checklist.


Playing some of the more advanced challenges, I'm even bored of the combat.  There's a few challenges where you have electric baton wielders, car door dudes, electrified dudes, knife wielders, Ninjas, base ball bat dudes and large berseker dudes.  Each of these type of enemies needs to either be hopped over, stunned with the cape, thrown or their weapons broken.  It used to be a gradual thing, but there's just rooms of every type of dude you can imagine and they just go..."Deal with it".  So you have this annoying dance of thinking about what counters who and making sure you don't do the wrong thing.  This was great when Arkham Asylum came out, I think after all the different challenge rooms over the years...i'm done.


I've not tried the DLC yet, but I think I'm just gonna wait for the GOTY Edition and catch up with everything I missed.


I am intrigued about the getting all the trophies for a showdown with The Riddler, but I'm sure I'm setting myself up for disappointment.


15 July 2015 - 07:42 AM

$175 version?

Is that the PS4 physical copy? Too late to get a copy now I bet...:(

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13 July 2015 - 10:38 PM


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I've dropped some impressions of the E3 Beta version here at the link for anyone interested: Street Fighter V - Beta Impressions

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13 July 2015 - 09:55 PM

I played through the game without really touching the Riddler\Catwoman missions.


Pretty rediculos that Riddler has planned and built underground race tracks for Bats and the Batmobile. :lol:  They were fun to be fair and some of them had a few novel uses of the Batmobile's abilities.  Pretty much teaches you to be hyper aware of situations where you might need to remotely control the Batmobile, pretty handy to know during various stages of the main game.


Best advice I can give anyone going into this fresh is to upgrade your Batmobile abilities and stats.  Rockets, Cannon, Hacking and Shield.  It will make a few of the tougher encounters a lot more manageable.


I've managed to more or less clear up on the main game and the side missions.  The only missions that I have outstanding at the moment is having to collect all of the Riddler trophies.  200 or so left to go... :singho:.  Gonna take my time and clear up one of the Islands across a few playthroughs.


Enjoyed the story overall and it helped push me along to the next mission as soon as possible.  Best sections of the game came from the inclusion of a creative addition of character from the previous games.  Really impressed with the some of the set pieces and storyline elements that they've harked back to such as Killing Joke and Death in the Family.  LOVED.IT.


Was not even a fan of Batman until Arkham Asylum so it's


Outside of the odd glitching and hanging, I've had a brilliant time.  They've just added to the previous games and not messed around too much.  I am impressed with the risk to go with Batmobile.  It could have been disastrous if it just didn't work.  They have over relied upon it in certain sections, there is no way you should have to do that Bat Tank stealth missions more then once in the game. :lol:  But I think they pull it out atleast another 2-3 times.


My major problem with the game is once again, boss battles.  Or the lack of.  The side stories has Penguin, Two Face, Arkham Knight, Firefly and EVEN FUCKING

! All of them...you don't even get to land a clean and proper slap on them with Bats like during normal combat.  Two face for some reason just died when I kicked him the chest.  The rest of his goons lasted longer.  Arkham Origins probably had the better boss fights but that's not saying much.


One thing I forgot was the inclusion of some tag battles, but these are too few of these.  Works exactly the same as the normal game, every successful hit earns you a segment on a circular meter, once full, LB in the direction of an enemy nets you a Tag move.  All sorts of lovely wrasslin style moves such as suplexes, power bombs and good old leg and back snapping.


I'm really enjoying some of the AR challenges.  I love how they are integrated on the title screen so you can see how your friends are doing.  It seems like 20 Bat\Bat Icons is the maximum you can earn if you go over the score limit.