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Posted 23 November 2013 - 10:48 AM

Singho, this is what I was talking about last night. Go to 17 minutes and listen XD


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Posted 08 April 2014 - 08:40 PM

GOLD BOAT. :lol:  Classic.


I couldn't stay up for the whole of Mania and had to call it a night after the Battle Royale, what a finish by Cesaro...I fucking called it too!  I didn't think he had been added in the match till I saw him uppercutting someone in the background.  I can't believe no one saw that finish coming though!  He picked up him up proper, not even struggling and was able to dump him...safely...over the top rope.  Brilliant.


Caught the Taker match, I was eating breakfast and watching it with a mate.  Not even into the match at all and I heard..."The streak is over"...I couldn't believe it.  Had to rewind where on earth Taker lost it, I was stunned!  I don't understand why Brock was given the honour of breaking the streak.  They could have given that to someone else to give them in an instant push or credibility.  Brock fights every other pay per view and will not be with them for long.  I always thought Taker would win it and keep the streak going until 25-0.  But, it appears that he probably won't be a good idea for him health wise to do that, even though he only turns up at Mania events these past couple of years.  But apparently, after the UFC encounter between Brock and Taker, Taker had stated that if he was to lose to anyone, it would be Brock.






Saying that...Paul Heyman was on FIRE on RAW.  He's so brilliant, proper trolling the crowd.  I did think that when he was gassing about how Awesome Brock was...someone else would have come out to challenge his previous titles.  The only person I could think of was either some other UFC fighter...but there is no one who would do that at the moment...or...Kurt Angle. lol.gif  Nothing happened.


Cena & Wyatt - Wyatt should have won it.  Cena going into "MENTAL" mode to show he's a monster transitioned to quick.  There was none of this in any of his build up matches.  He just looked constipated.  Wyatt was on form, that spider crab thing actually surprised me too.  lol.gif  Was taken to the next level on RAW...CRAB WALK! lol.gif


The Bryan, Orton and Batista match.  I was just on the edge of my seat thinking "They can't screw him over again!" and when he finally did win, it felt GOOD!  Triple H coming out at the end to start the fear in the fans was a great touch.  Him being sent out with a sledge hammer to mush was excellent.


The one thing I didn't understand is...what the fuck was Hogan doing there?  He didn't host shit.  The only time you saw him, was when there was some random skit in the dressing room.


Was great to see RVD back, even though it would have been better had he not come back a few months back and then disappeared. RUSEV and the Russian Bird...they need more of this!  It's like Poison and Hugo in SFIII. lol.gif  Although...she's not a tranny...I think.  He cained Zack Ryder, but the first time I saw him was at the Rumble and he was beasting then too.  Don't watch NXT.  Norwich girl Paige won, excellent.  I did think that Karma was going to be making her return tonight but nope.  I thought it would have been better had she just beasted AJ from the start but the finish...which looked like it was saved by AJ overselling the move, straight from a submission hold of doom was a cool idea.


What else...oh yeah, fuck you Swaggy!  Broke the damn Andre trophy!  Good to see Heyman will probably help Cesaro elevate match and storyline wise.  I'm not too sure about the King of Swing tag though. lol.gif


The main event...oh God it was making me sick when it looked like, well, it lasted longer then last time.  Didn't expect The Shield to come out and make the save!  The crowd were chanting it a few moments earlier...but then they moved on to chanting "3MB!" to come out and make the save. lol.gif  Loved the blind sided knee Bryan gave HHH, but they should have also triple power bombed him for good measure.  But, hey, it's Triple H...I'm glad that he's even taking clean losses these days.  Loved the tension before The Shield entered the ring...and DAT SPEAR was TOO GOOD.


Mania was worth the entry price I felt.  Had enough in there to keep you entertained and the main matches were solid.  I want to check out the Preshow Tag matches as apparently that was so good, people are saying it should have been on the main card.



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Posted 09 April 2014 - 07:25 AM

Watched it Monday night, and I thought it was one of the best Manias ever.


The HHH and Bryan match was really good, as a technical match.  HHH surprised me here, and he looked in brilliant shape.  He put Bryan over clean, which was good.


The battle royal was great.  Cesaro has shown that you can progress and become over for your in-ring ability alone.  Glad to see him with Heyman now.


Cena was pretty rubbish in his match, as usual.  His facial expressions don't look convincing, and the whole angle with Wyatt could have been stunning if... well... it's Cena.  Wyatts mannerisms and delivery of that match were great.  Cena was always going to win.  If the match wasn't at Mania I think they would have allowed Wyatt to win and then progress the story further.  But... well... it's Cena.


The end of the streak was a big shock.  I shouldn't have been as shocked as I was, because older guys putting over the younger ones is the way of the wrestling world.  It's the way it works, and the way it should be.  Still, this was a legendary streak so I did wonder whether they'd just eek it out and use it for the promotional material down the line.  Still, they now have the extra part of the story for Brock so they still have that.  I thought the match was dire, and the twist saved it and made it one of the most memorable moments ever.


The Bryan, Orton and Batista match was insane.  I can't remember the last time I was so emotionally involved in a wrestling match.  They played it perfectly, with the interference from the authority and the injury to Bryan I kept thinking his Mania moment wasn't going to come - and then it did!!!  Wow!


RAW was great too.  Lots of UK flags, signs, scarves and football shirts on show from the UK contingent.  Would love to go to Mania and RAW one year.

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