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Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

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#1 marcus

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Posted 05 April 2007 - 09:08 PM

Not into the missions proper yet, but even after completing only the training exercises the game screams quality. Everything seems to have improved, notably the visuals which are quite superb. More advanced management of your Ghosts including the ability to see through their eyes, and give orders whilst doing so suggest added depth and more strategy this time round.

Hopelessly brief impressions but I couldnt see a thread on this, hence the post. Will report back as I work my way through the single player game.

#2 Stooo!

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Posted 07 April 2007 - 12:37 PM

I'm loving this game. It's more of the same essentially, but shoved up a gear, there's a lot more going on and there's some really frantic battles in Act 2
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Near the end of Act 2 now myself, seems really short but who cares?! Both GRAW games have had me hooked this year while Gears has sat on the shelf gathering dust since it was released...

#3 marcus

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Posted 09 April 2007 - 08:22 PM

Just completed Act 1, enjoying it. Do at times feel overwhelmed, in particular the end of Act 1, which saw me basically just hiding behind a wall instructing the air force to bomb the area, didnt even notice one of my Ghosts dying beside me what with all that was going on. Not to say its difficult on the default setting so far, but with so many options available to you its easy to switch off as you get consumed in the battle.

Whether or not Ill play this as much as GRAW Im not sure. When GRAW launched, it was probably one of the first decent tactical shooters Id gotten into, and I played it through several times almost completing the single player campaign on the hardest level. Now, Ive played Rainbow Six 3, which for me (some dull levels aside) ranks as the most entertaining and knife-edge exciting tactical FPS so far. GRAW 2 hasnt reached those levels yet, although theres a long way to go, and Im hoping it will become as immersive as some of RS6 was.

#4 Valken



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Posted 13 May 2007 - 11:18 AM

I bought this yesterday and completed the training missions and Act 1. Impressions so far, even on the highest difficulty it seems much easier than RSV on realistic mode. Hopefully that will change very quick!

I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that there's only 3 acts but I suppose they could be pretty long for all I know. I welcome the 6 coop missions though. I haven't touched multiplayer yet.

The game itself improves some aspects but neglects others. The enemy AI is smarter this time when it comes to taking cover and dealing with targets and thankfully the improved cross com makes things a bit more hands on but they're still chimps compared to the team AI in Rainbow Six Vegas.

I forgot how much I dislikes the "sticky cover" concept compared to holding a button though sad.gif

Hmmm, I sound quite negative about it but that's just not the case, there's already been some excellent firefights on the first stage, looking forward to going through the rest of them.

#5 Valken



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Posted 15 May 2007 - 08:57 AM

I finished this game yesterday and I thought overall it was a bit shit. The AI is smarter than that of GRAW but the Ghosts are still complete chimp.

Simple events like ordering them to take cover are cancelled by an enemy opening fire on them, at which point they don't find the nearest cover point, they just stand in the open and die.

Their ability to take down a target is atrocious too. Getting them to kill a terrorist may as well have a 1 healthkit tax since they'll invariably need one to kill one bad guy.

Also, I'll need someone to confirm, but it almost looks like nominating a target doesn't mean "kill this target now" it means "add this target to your queue". The problem here is, if you get them to kill someone out of range and change target, they won't actually move to that target unless you physically move the soldier!

The missions were quite good for the most part, I really enjoyed the firefights in Act 1 and 2 in particular and they've rebalanced the helicopter gunner sequences to make them more enjoyable but the final Act was a compete dog and heralded a return of the impossible to see sniper scenario that means instant death and trial and error.

Visually it's decent, more than decent but again, not a massive step up from GRAW. They're addressed most of the tearing issues that dogged the original game, it now seems to dynamically disable Vsync when things get a bit hectic much like GoW or RS Vegas did.

Audio is satisfactory, there's the occasional bit of music with is ultimately forgettable but the sound fx are convincing enough. I also lolled hard at the mexican accents on friendly soliders: "muchos many contacts senor!"

So that's that, I'll admit I'm evaluating the game without having played the multiplayer aspect whatsoever but that part, beyond coop doesn't interest me. The pace of the game is such that I just wouldn't enjoy playing this in adversarial multiplayer...


#6 hankwang


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Posted 17 May 2007 - 09:59 AM

Have to say I enjoyed this a lot more than that crazy poor demo. Even the level it was based off seemed more solid, robust and streamed with the gameplay a lot better.

This outing just feels like the Hollywood blockbuster version of Ghost Recon. I did enjoy it; the set pieces and frantic action were superb at times, but equally it feels too far led away from the origins. I'd like to see a Tomb Raider style reverse of the mechanics and idea of the game for the next outing, although I know I won't get it. As it stands, it just feels like a more military tuned version of Rainbow Six, and by that merit, it's never going to be as good as Rainbow Six.

I partially share Valken's view on the AI, although I didn't have as much trouble with the positioning as he did. They were so skank at actually taking targets out that I would just tell them to go assault in a facing position and then track the long way around for the flank.

On a sidenote, anyone who hasn't got this yet, I would advise to immediately crank up the difficulty to the maximum. The game is easy even at those upper echelons - anyone who had trouble with the original GRAW will probably not suffer the same fate here.

QUOTE(Valken @ May 15 2007, 09:57 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So that's that, I'll admit I'm evaluating the game without having played the multiplayer aspect whatsoever but that part, beyond coop doesn't interest me. The pace of the game is such that I just wouldn't enjoy playing this in adversarial multiplayer...

And then last night... he changed his mind xd.gif

MultiGRAW2 feels more like the old school Ghost Recon but there's something about it that bugs the hell out of me. In a way, the visual feel is better than the main game; it's got this very clean, almost Operation Flashpoint esque style, but the texture quality and environment is generally not as impressively designed. There's no way of taking cover and the FUCKING CONTROLS ARE SO FLAKEY. Just nudging the stick one way or the other will either result in a huge sidestep or nothing at all. There's just no consistancy and on top of this the enemies have ESP.

And yet... it's a lolfest in a good way xd.gif We tried the first co-op mission and kept getting stuck on this tank at the beginning whose turret would spew out bullets from one end to the other. In the end, out of frustration I resorted to lobbing grenades over a building at it whilst Valken tried to roll them underneath - and the fucker still wouldn't go down. Then Valken died, so I zerg rushed it for fun and wasted the entire ammo of my pistol trying to break through its armour xd.gif

#7 Valken



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Posted 17 May 2007 - 10:15 AM

The coop aspect of the game is a major turnabout for me, it just reminded me so much of the early days of like where me and Hank would coop through Ghost Recon: Island Thunder killing terrorists in crappy heightmap generated environments and trees that swayed in the wind. I loved it!

GRAW2 multi is the same deal. I can't explain why, but despite poorer textures, the game looks better in this mode.

It's far, far, far from perfect. The enemies have spidey sense, the controls are all over the place and like a lot of Ubi games where the multi is made by a different team, there's just enough things different about it to make you feel like you're going mad!

All that aside, it's great fun to play. Once we got beyond an initial chokepoint on the first map and pushed on through the objectives we started going from "lol" to "woo yeah!". I don't think I could face doing more than 1 map a week without wigging out though.

#8 marcus

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Posted 29 May 2007 - 09:07 PM

I doubt Ill return to this after tonights session. There was a thread on things that ruin games for you a while back, at the end of the second day you have to protect a convoy of tanks using the minigun on the attack helecoptor. Whilst its not particulary difficult (Im playing on the hardest setting), it is time consuming and tedious. During this time, the game saves several times, suggesting those to be restart points if you die.

Eventually you are ordered to take down two choppers, now this IS hard as not only is it stupidly difficult to move the minigun and actually hit these things, but also the game barely gives you any room for error and before long a vehicle in the convoy is destroyed and its mission over. You think, thats ok, it saved a minute ago, but instead it puts you RIGHT BACK to where you first started out.. Were it not for this Id carry on, but having tried unsuccessfully to beat the 2 choppers three times I vowed never to return :/

#9 Valken



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Posted 30 May 2007 - 08:18 AM

There were a lot of sections where I felt the same way but I think I mostly nailed the helicopter sections first time, I wasn't nuts about the GRAW1 equivalents and actually thought they were ok in the sequel.

Overall though, even though coop is a laugh, it's a criminally sloppy game.

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