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#287762 Cuphead

Posted by shadowman on 04 October 2017 - 08:35 PM

Anyone completed the second Run & Gun level?




It should really only be destroying a couple of platforms at most at a time, the platforms do respawn after a short while. However, if your still having trouble keep in mind you can actually just avoid the boss entirely - go to the highest platform closest to the boss and jump right at the boss, then dash so that you go right over his head. You should land just on the edge of the platform behind him. You may also miss it if you messed up the jump, but as long as you have health it'll bounce you out of the pit onto the platform.

#287755 Cuphead

Posted by shadowman on 01 October 2017 - 02:22 PM

Its finally here, after being announced what feels like a lifetime ago this ambitious looking 2D boss rush game is finally out. And it doesn't disappoint.


So just to be clear - the game is mostly made up of bosses. There are some more traditional run n gun levels, but these are few and far between. With only 7 in the game, compared to the 20 odd boss fights. 


The run n gun stages in the game though are all very unique and creative. They aren't rushed or phoned in for the sake of more content - all these levels have exclusive enemies and obstacles that really help make them feel fresh. And they continue to get better as you progress, the first two feel very safe, while the levels included in Isle's II and III are far more creative and really fun.


Now the bosses themselves... I love boss battles in games, one of the two main reasons I like Mega Man so much is the boss battles so I had high hopes for these (since they are the focus of the game).


And they are really brilliant. Each Isle has several bosses you'll need to clear in order to progress to the next area. Each of the bosses (from killer vegetables, boxing frogs, queen bees, an angry Zeppelin, an even angrier dragon etc.). Each boss has several phases to deal with, each of them proving to be pretty tough at first. You'll need to learn all the attack patterns if you want to survive each encounter - thankfully its fairly easy to see each attack coming, since all the bosses are animated so well so as long as your paying attention you should be fine! The boss patterns and phases are all really well thought out with some genuine laugh out loud moments at points. i've found myself lose a life or two simply down to admiring the wonderful transformations and animations on display, plus some of these boss ideas are things I've never really seen in games before - for example an early boss against two boxing frogs takes a turn for the weird when they transform into a giant slot machine. The entire boss fight feels like a mash up of several Mega Man moments (which really just makes it more awesome!) And later bosses get even more creative. I don't want to go into too much detail as it'd spoil the surprise, but trust me they are done well.


The animation in the game is simply second to none. Its all hand drawn, which for any 2D game these days is a rarity, but its even more impressive when you look at the quality of animation on display here. Its pretty much the most impressive looking/animated 2D game I've ever seen. Each boss is completely unique and has between 3-4 unique phases, complete with tons of different attacks. So that's a ton of animation on display! And the music doesn't let it down either - the soundtrack is composed in a way to complement the 1930's style of animation. Its top quality stuff, its a soundtrack I can easily see me listening to many times over.


In terms of difficulty - yeah, it is difficult. I'm getting through things fairly ok, managing to get A ranks as I go for each boss, but that's probably partly because I love these kinds of games, and because I've replayed each boss several times over already. There is a "simple" difficulty that reduces boss health and the number of phases the boss gets, but also prevents you from accessing the final area of the game. Even so, I can't recommend the game enough. Its a beautifully created 2D action game with some of the best bosses in the genre (or any genre for that matter). The difficulty level might put some people off but I'm pleased that they didn't make this easy, makes victory feel all the sweeter. I'll definitely be doing a second run on the harder difficulty once I've gotten all the A ranks in the normal difficulty.

#287737 Metroid Samus Returns

Posted by shadowman on 19 September 2017 - 09:57 PM

Its been a while since I've played any Metroid games... I think the last one I touched was the original NES Metroid while working through my retro backlog a few years back. But I have cleared Metroid 2 back in the day so I was interested to see what Mercury Steam's updated take on the Gameboy title would be like.


And from the first couple of hours of playtime, I'm very impressed. While this is a remake of Metroid 2 it seems as though they've changed up a few things here and there - the combat itself has been overhauled to give Samus access to a melee counter attack. Its really easy to do with super lenient timing and is the best way (especially until you get the wave beam) to quickly dispatch enemies. And all enemies/bosses so far have super obvious tell tale signs so its really easy to know when you need to counter them. However the game isn't exactly a pushover, as damage output from even early enemies is really high, so you can only take a couple of hits before you'd be in trouble! 


So the main aim of the game is to destroy all the Metroids on the planet. As with the GB original for every few you take down, additional areas become available so you can travel deeper into the planet, reaching more dangerous enemies, bosses and more useful weapons/powerups. Mercury Steam have given you a power up where you can do a scan of the surrounding few rooms to your location. This uncovers blocks that can be destroyed, hidden items and doors. I personally love this, the original Metroid especially was insanely ridiculous in terms of hidden/false floors so being able to know where items/hidden areas are is a huge benefit, it eliminates trial and error and some backtracking. Of course if you don't like the sound of this you can just not use this power up and play the game old school


I guess my only criticism is the fact that the game is on the 3DS. I don't particularly like the system, much prefer my Vita and Switch. The game looks... well like a 3DS game. Low polygon graphics instead of gorgeous 2D pixel art, and the game is 30FPS - the frame rate isn't a deal breaker for me, its still plenty smooth enough but I do imagine how much better it'd look/run on the Switch... if this gets a port in the future to Nintendo's new hardware I'd definitely double dip.


Its the best Metroid game released in quite some time, and a great remake as well. Its supposed to have new content as well past the previous final boss, but I'm nowhere near that point yet!

#287633 Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Posted by shadowman on 09 August 2017 - 07:45 PM

Another day, another Capcom remaster/port/collection is released on current gen consoles, only this one is something I've been looking forward to for a while...


The first Legacy Collection gathered the first 6 Mega Man games (the NES games) and especially when patched it was a darn decent collection. They looked good, didn't seem to have any lag in controls and had an awesome fun new challenge mode which kept me glued to the games for a long while.


The second Legacy Collection gathers Mega Man 7, 8, 9 and 10. A motley crew of releases that span the Snes (MM7), Playstation (MM8) and Wii/PS3/X360 (MM9&10). My number one concern was emulation/port quality especially for 7 and 8 and thankfully these worries were unfounded. This collection seems to be of fairly high quality. Games have 3 screen modes - original/full/stretch. Original I guess is pixel perfect versions of the games, but it only takes up a fraction of my TV screen... full has the games run in a 4;3 looking ratio, which is just what I was looking for - graphics look fine and not stretched at all. And stretch I assume gives you a full 16:9 image but the graphics will be stretched. No thanks!

Also included is a "TV Filter" which basically gives you a CRT/Scanlines filter and it looks excellent. Its a fairly subtle effect that makes the graphics look perfect in my opinion.


The graphics and lack of lag in controls are especially pleasant in 9 and 10. Back on their original releases the games on PS3/360 had this awful blur filter and notable control lag. The fact that this collection has neither of those issues automatically makes this a way better version (worth noting the Wii did not suffer these issues, especially if you played them on a CRT with RGB cables, they looked perfect).


So the games themselves...



This one I'm starting to appreciate more. Its the only mainline numbered release for the Snes. Graphically it has some really nice, large sprites but the flow of the game feels slower than the NES games. Enemies also feel stronger compared to NES games which I guess also makes it feel slightly slower. Music is a mixed bag, with some tracks being fairly awful, while some (Shade Man, Bass, wily Fortresses) are among the best in the entire series. Speaking of Bass, this introduces your rival character, who is host to some pretty awesome boss fights. The game itself also has tons of secrets - weapons can be used in stages to activate hidden areas (of which there are quite a few, including a pretty awesome secret boss fight). Unfortunately, for whatever reason Rockman & Forte was not included in this collection, that game was basically Mega Man 8.5 and was released late in the day for the Snes (1998) and used sprites from MM8 and was pretty darn hard! 



The only main numbered classic game for the Playstation, and its the one I have the most mixed feeling about. Like 7 it feels slower compared to the other classic games, its levels are very hit and miss for me (too many gimmicks and stuff that isn't platforming, you have a shoot em up section, mazes and slightly more puzzle based levels, just stuff I don't really like in Mega Man games).

The graphics are really nice though, music is ace for the most part and the boss battles are among the series best.


Unfortunately its based on the Playstation version and not the Saturn (probably because its easier to emulate) so no Cut Man/Wood Man fights for this collection :( Also it doesn't feature the extra graphical touches that the Saturn port had. But it does let you change the region to use Japanese voices which is an enormous plus! 



I loved this game on release. It goes back to MM2 design - so no slide, charge shot. It also reverts back to the NES look which means it looks and plays like a NES game - namely much, much faster than 7 and 8 and boy does it feel good. Bosses are all excellent, soundtrack is excellent, level design is excellent (seeing a trend?) and the way the game is done is that you never feel as if you miss the slide move. Its pretty much the best game in the series, it was a surprisingly good move on Capcoms part to go back to what made the classic series great.



Much like 9, it follows the same template and basically looks like an NES game. Only this one is more detailed compared to 9 (in terms of backgrounds, music and even boss fights). It doesn't feel quite as awesome, maybe because it doesn't have the novelty of it being the first MM game released in quite a while but its a solid entry and definitely one of my favourites. They also added difficulty options (easy mode that redesigns levels in a genuine attempt to make things more accessible) and playable Proto Man right from the get go (he's DLC in 9). There is also a pretty cool challenge mode and other DLC (more on that in a mo).



Challenge mode:

It follows the same idea as the first collection - run through parts of stages while trying to beat target times. The only difference being the challenges separate each game out, and the portions of stages are longer. It just feels less fun than the first game, especially as between the four games they should have had enough decent content to chop together quite a few challenges. Most of the challenges in this are just (mini) boss fights and it seems much easier. Still fun, but just not as good as I was hoping. 


So the other great thing about this collection is that it includes the DLC from 9 and 10. 9 had Proto Man as a playable character, Hard and Super Hard modes, a brand new stage and boss fight and "endless" mode. 10 ups things and gives you Bass as a playable character, 3 brand new stages based on the Gameboy games where you fight against Punk, Quint and Enker (the special GB bosses) and endless mode makes a return.

Hard and Super hard modes in 9 are ok, it only ups the difficulties of the stages and not the bosses, so its a bit uneven difficulty wise.

Endless mode is a fantastic, addictive mode where you have to survive as many screens as possible. And Proto Man is a well designed character that has you playing the game in a different way to account for his strengths and weaknesses. The only issue with the new stage is its length - its really, really long and it kinda gets a bit boring after a while to be honest. Excellent boss fight though.


10's DLC is better in that Bass is a great character (has everything bar his double jump far as I can tell), Endless mode retains the same idea, and is just as fun as ever and the DLC levels are really well done, with some excellent bosses. The stages have music and stage design that is close to the GB games but takes liberties here and there.



So really the only issues with the collection are the menus. They don't look that nice and some of the challenges are hidden away in sub menus. That and the challenge mode not being as good as the firs collections. But those are really my only complaints (bar the missing Saturn content for 8 and ). Also good news is that the game is getting a physical release, so I can finally have physical versions of 9 and 10 in my collection. 


Some vids:

MM9 Concrete Man:


MM7 Challenge mode:


MM8 Challenge mode;


#287490 Ori and the Blind Forest

Posted by shadowman on 11 March 2017 - 11:13 AM

Its absolutely amazing. No doubt one of the best platformers created in recent memory. As my PC can't play games at the moment its the only reason I don't smash my Xbox One into little pieces for my own amusement (well, that and the vague promise that Cup Head might actually be released this year. Maybe. Probably not.)


The level  design is brilliant, the power ups are well designed so you traverse through new areas gracefully and its eye meltingly beautiful. Difficulty is on point for me (nice and challenging without being insane), the only thing I didn't like was the weak combat. I really need to play the directors cut at some stage, as that adds even more content.

#287428 The Mega Man Megathread

Posted by shadowman on 23 February 2017 - 10:56 AM

Yeah, the ios ports of 1-6 are shameful. Digital Foundry showed them off here:


It sounds like a complete mess performance wise, and that's ignoring the obvious issue of touch screen controls for a game like Mega Man. Then again Capcom doesn't care about the franchise so I'm not surprised in the least. In my dreams Way Forward or Yaught Club end up with the series - Way Forward totally rocks with the Shantae series and their gorgeous pixel art (as well as some other awesome games like Thor for the DS, and Contra IV for the DS), Yaught Club made Shovel Knight - which is so much better than Mighty No. 9 that its not even funny. Its also easily one of the best Mega Man styled games ever made, and its continuing to get amazing free DLC updates. So buy Shovel Knight (its available on almost every platform).


As for poor Mega Man, well he has a new animated series coming out that'll probably be rubbish, might get a game out of it though, which will probably be rubbish as well  but heck I'd still buy it.

#287209 Mighty Number 9 (Beta)

Posted by shadowman on 24 June 2016 - 08:44 PM

Ok, been playing the full version all day, so good news and bad news...


First off - all those things mentioned above I wanted to see fixed? None of them have been fixed. So the oil rig level stick is a pain in the ass at the end and the ledge grabbing still basically sucks and ruins a few levels where you die and it isn't your fault.


That said I'm still enjoying the game. I've done the main 8 levels + the intro level, plus most of the challenge levels. Its a mixed bag - level design is rough with some sections being fairly fun, and some really suck. The main mechanics of the game seem fairly decent - damaging enemies and then absorbing them works great when the level design and enemy placement alloys - you'll be chaining kills together and it feels great, other times you'll want to tear your hair out.


Boss design also is a mixed bag. Some bosses I found pretty fun but other times they can be a real pain in the ass. For example the Sniper boss has the worst level in the game - no checkpoints and your walking through the same damn corridors until you deal enough damage to him to initiate the boss fight. His boss battle is hilariously easy, he's a complete pushover compaired to the level which is a pain.

The highway level is another really frustrating level due to the ledge grabbing (which if screwed up means instant death). If you can get into a decent groove the level becomes more bearable but its still a pretty "meh" level. The boss battle is fun though, so its not all bad.


Its hard to score the game - its definitely around the 5-7 mark (reviews weren't really wrong in this case), its pretty addictive if you enjoy the mechanics and the challenge mode was kind of an interesting idea that is mainly executed well, but there aren't that many challenges when you consider a good half (ish) are just time attack levels from the main game (complete each level with only one life/no checkpoints). Tough stuff but really fun.


So is it terrible? No, its average at worst. Is it the true successor to Mega Man? At the moment, no as its nowhere near on the level of the classic, X or Zero series. 


Honestly most of the issues could probably be fixed with a sequel, there is no reason the team at inti creates couldn't make a good game in this series - they've got the talent and this series has promise and decent groundwork done. However after everything that has happened with the game it may never get the chance to get a sequel - while the original MM game was a better game than this, it was also rough round the edges and it took until MM2 to really launch the series. I'd love a MN9-2 that fixes the issues the first game has.


Oh, and a word on the graphics - those don't affect my enjoyment of the game, but yeah they are average at best.

#287137 The Mega Man Megathread

Posted by shadowman on 09 April 2016 - 09:08 PM

Did you buy all 3 versions? Physical or digital?


Yep, got all physical editions released bar the Amazon Exclusive release as that was just something Amazon threw together, as opposed to being a proper retail release:



PS4 and Xbox One editions (also pictured is a rare, small print run of a fan made 2D Mega Man Legends 3 Prologue demo that Capcom staffers helped with. Apparently it only had 100 copies made, not sure if that's true or not).



Both 3DS editions - Rockman Legacy Collection E Capcom exclusive that comes with Dr Wiy's diary (that has actual journal entries in it from the good doctor) as well as stickers and 6 alternate sleeves for the game (each sleeve features the original Famicom cover art from each of the 6 games on the collection.

The USA exclusive edition comes in one of the cheapest damn boxes I've ever seen, good luck getting one that isn't dented... It comes with a Gold Amiibo Mega Man (that unlocks 3DS exclusive challenges) and a few postcards featuring the characters in the 6 games (art on the post cards are really nice).

#287130 Game collections

Posted by shadowman on 28 March 2016 - 07:40 AM

Space is my worst enemy at the moment. As in, I don't have enough of it! I've cut back on picking up games in recent times mainly because I've got so many games that I either a) haven't finished or b) haven't started! that I don't want to pick up games for the sake of it any more. So I'm focusing on my PS4 and Vita at the moment going through my backlogs (PS4 is easy, Vita I've got around 250 games, check back with me in a decade).


The only stuff I'm buying regularly anymore is Capcom retro games. I'm doing a playthrough of their entire back catalog from '84 to 2015. I'm filling in the gaps in my collection as I go, and this has been great fun so far as its focused my collecting AND I'm playing the games as I go so it doesn't feel like a waste of time/money/space.


Oh, and I'm still getting Mega Man stuff, no change there really!

#287088 Street Fighter V...SON! PS4 & PC + Cross Play Confirmed

Posted by shadowman on 14 February 2016 - 07:55 PM

I'm pretty hyped for the launch now. I doubt I'll be any good at the game, but I'm looking forward to playing online, plus the gradual roll out of other modes etc.

#287015 Superbeat Xonic

Posted by shadowman on 28 December 2015 - 08:31 PM

I absolutely love this game. Its so blatantly DJ Max with a different name but I don't mind as I've been enjoying it so much. The variety of songs is really nice, and the soundtrack itself is excellent. I love that they had Heavy Day from GGXrd in this :)


Its getting darn hard now, I'm not sure how many more of these challenges I'll be able to clear...

#286875 The Mega Man Megathread

Posted by shadowman on 26 August 2015 - 12:59 AM

Ok, its somewhat hilarious that 6 of my most played games could get me addicted all over again but that's Megaman for you...


The port isn't perfect. I've had one major issue and one minor one. The major issue was a bizarre music bug when beginning Megaman 2 for the first time. The music was badly distorted and also affected the password menu music. Then it cleared up and I've never managed to replicate the bug again since...

The minor issue is slight music "popping" when on certain stages, not sure if the original games were like that or not, its mainly an issue with Megaman 1, and the get weapon theme on MM2. Not a huge annoyance but its there. Other small issues include no instant restart button on the challenge completion menu, and no actual gold metal time displayed on challenges which is annoying (I always like to know what I'm aiming for).


But enough about the minor bad issues...


The games are essentially exactly the same as the NES games. They look and run as expected and the controls on the PS4 are rock solid, an absolute must when you consider the precision required in these games.

There is a few graphics options, I've opted not to stretch the games out as that never ends well, I could swear the colours are oh so slightly off but I can't put my finger on why I think that... Maybe its the years of playing them on a composite output that has caused that...

The games give you a save state system in liu of saving at the end of stages etc. Quite useful really especially when attempting to do those hard sections (Heat Man platforms, Guts Man Platforms...). Otherwise the games are pretty much on par feature wise with the NES originals. No remixed music in game, no new graphics or anything. These are almost perfect NES ports.


There is a whole encyclopedia section I've not looked into yet. It sounds similar to the Complete Works books released so thats good, as those were choc full of great concept art etc.


But there are two things that have made the purchase worthwhile for me - Challenge mode and the share button.


First the challenge mode - bits of levels are mashed up and strung together. It sounded so simple but getting gold times is more challenging than first thought as it requires you to use all weapons at your disposal to get the best times. And its damn fun to try. Challenges range from game themed (MM1 themed, MM2 themed) to bosses (Yellow Devil, Mecha Dragon) to other (Craigs Challenge) and of course boss rush modes. You'll need to know the levels like the back of your hand, and what weapons work best in different scenarios to come out on top.


The share button, something I've seldom used on the PS4 despite it being a pretty great idea. But I was just waiting for the right game. I'm going through recording the challenge mode, uploading my gold metal performances to Youtube along with some buster only runs. So far my favourites are:


Craigs Challenge:


MM2 Remix 1:


Quickman buster only:


Iceman buster only:


The last one is my personal favourite, getting a good run on Iceman, perfecting the boss no less is no easy feat. I'll hopefully have more uploaded in the days to come.

#286754 Titan Souls

Posted by shadowman on 21 April 2015 - 03:43 PM

Titan Souls is hard. You will probably die mere seconds into the game. Get used to it, it happens a lot!


Imagine if you will a top down styled game not unlike Zelda, splice that with the one hit difficulty of Hotline Miami, a pinch of the Souls series in terms of setting (and more difficulty) and Shadow of the Colossus (as the game is only about bosses and exposing their weak spots). And its a great mix, that depending on how you take to the difficulty you'll either love the game or smash something after dying to that damned Mushroom for the 10 time...


The game is solely about boss fights, you have areas to explore but those are just for effect and atmosphere. You'll hit checkpoints (which vaguely point to the direction of boss doors) and when you enter a boss door you are presented with a new challenge and puzzle. And death. Lots of death.

But there is a difference in this game compared to pretty much any other game I can think of. You die in one hit (that's nothing new) but so do the bosses. So this isn't so much a game about hitting the boss over and over again until it finally dies, its about learning the boss pattern and weakspot and picking the perfect time at which to attack. Your attack by the way is a bow and arrow. That is "arrow" not "arrows" as in you only get one. When you miss you have to hold down the fire button to telepathically pull it back over to you. Time consuming and it leaves you open to attack, but also insanely useful as you can stab enemies in the back with that method (and believe me you'll need to do that against a couple of these bosses).


Each of the bosses are very different, from your generic slime blobs, to giant golems, to floating masks, a fallen knight, a fucking fuck of a mushroom (seriously, fuck him), some kind of man eating plant, and a rolling bolder that took me about 10 seconds to kill the first time I met it today! Each of these bosses have very different weakspots that you need to work out and very different attack patterns. Suss out the attack pattern and then counter the boss with one shot and hopefully you should get the oh so satisfying feeling that you've just taken down a boss.


As mentioned a lot already, the game isn't easy but really with the one hit kill mechanic for bosses you'd not really want it to be easy. There are just shy of 20 bosses (including a secret one) and the difficulty hasn't really frustrated too much yet. Don't get me wrong one boss annoyed me but due to it being fairly clear most of time what the weakspots on the bosses are its just a matter of learning the patterns and then picking the right point to attack. The fact that they die in one hit is quite a genius inclusion to the game in my opinion, though its worth noting some do technically take more than one hit - the slime splits off into smaller bits (but focus on the core and you'll be done in mere seconds, I made the mistake of trying to kill all of them and that's really pointless as it makes it way harder than needed). The plant takes two hits - one to expose the weakness and one to kill it, neither of which are really that hard to hit and the knight requires stunning once to destroy his armor.


Graphically its a nice pixel art game with some really nice areas and some nice effects. Soundtrack wise it has a mix of ambient slower music, and more fast paced tracks for the boss battles.


Its not perfect though (on the Vita). The biggest two problems I have are:


Exploration and the lack of a map: A couple of areas are pretty large and a pain to work out if you've missed a boss as the game doesn't really tell you. Exploration goes from a fun sight seeing trip to minor annoyance. And no map just makes things harder. For a game all about bosses I don't really want to be concerning myself about missing bosses.


No instant restart on bosses: This one seems like a really odd omission, since its Meat Boy styled instant death would suggest instant restarts against bosses (or at very least a checkpoint at the boss) would have been a shoe in for inclusion. They are not present, if you die you have to trudge your way back to the boss door (you get a checkpoint close to the boss door, but not close enough for my liking). Additionally the Mushroom and Plant boss require you to do a Zelda "Lost Woods" style maze to get to the boss doors, neither of which takes a long time, but those are seconds I don't really want to waste... And the Vita has small load times between deaths so you do feel it after a while.


So basically if you want a game that is only about boss fights, and accomplishes that well while also not dragging them out for minutes at a time (bosses can be beaten in mere seconds when you know how) grab this game. I'm loving its take on boss battles and I'll be giving the game plus modes a try once I'm done for sure. Oh, and despite a few minor niggles its amazing on the Vita, its perfect for that pick up and play nature of the handheld.


#286753 Request Impression Threads here!

Posted by shadowman on 20 April 2015 - 12:52 AM

Titan Souls impressions anyone?


I'm getting the game this week, I'll post up some impressions either in this thread or create a proper thread depending on how much I enjoy the game (and how badly it kicks my ass!)

#286546 Resident Evil REmake HD

Posted by shadowman on 12 December 2014 - 02:38 PM

Ok, been meaning to type up my impressions of this game for a week or two now but have been addicted to this game hence the delay!


Basically its a port of the Gamecube game which was released many moons ago. For those that don't know - the Gamecube game is less of a port of the Playstation original but a complete overhaul that improved pretty much everything (controls, graphics, content, gameplay, voice acting, script). That's not to say the controls were perfect for some (blah blah tank controls) and the voice acting is worse than I remember it being (but Barry is still badass).


I was always a huge fan of REmake. Its pre rendered back drops were gorgeous, the new areas were well designed and the many game modes added new perils.


The game itself plays just as I remember it. Travel through the spooky Spencer mansion uncovering the evil plot, dodging zombies (and other monsters), avoid becoming a Jill sandwich and finally get the magnum which you use all of twice in order to preserve the ammo...


You can use either Chris or Jill, each with their own skills/weaknesses - Chris has more health a lighter but lacks the two extra item slots that Jill gets. So you either have to travel light or do lots of back tracking. Jill takes more damage so you need to be extra careful, but she gets a lockpick (so you don't have to rely on old keys) and also can carry more items (which is dead handy). Each character gets slightly different stories - Jill has good ol' Barry helping her (and coming up with some of the worst dialogue ever TM) and Chris gets Rebecca - who is weirdly portrayed as an inexperienced, scared girl despite the fact she took down a BOW scheme a few hours earlier which in my opinion was far tougher and more dangerous than anything you meet in this game.


Exploring the mansion all over again was dead fun. I'd forgotten some of the puzzles, locations of items etc. so my first playthrough took ages. I really like the flow of the game - exploring the mansion slowly unlocking more and more of it, then treking over to the guard house before heading back to the mansion to finish up exploring it. Then there is the caves and the soon to be cliched underground lab area complete with badass Tyrant boss.


Its the gameplay that won me over again though. I'd forgotten how much fun the older RE games were. The focus on exploration and puzzles is fantastic and these traits have all but been lost from RE4 and up. The ammo limit is also great, especially as I'm working through hard mode at the moment. I really don't have all that much spare in terms of ammo, a nice amount of pistol bullets (which aren't all that powerful), a few shotgun shells (for bosses and hunters) and the magnum (stored away for the Tyrant fight). I've gotten really good at dodging enemies to conserve ammo (not to mention its really fun!).


The game itself has plenty of replayability - Real Survival mode (no auto aim, storage boxes not linked together), invisible enemies mode (as it sounds, invisible Lisa Trevor is a terrifying prospect) and explosive forest mode (whatever its called, the one where zombie Forest follows you and you can't kill him else he'll blow you to kingdom come).


Trophies are insane as well. Clearing the game in the various modes will take a while, but then there is the speed runs (3 and 5 hour playthroughs) and the knife only playthrough (good luck).


The game also has new controls for tank haters. They are supposed to break the game by making avoiding/speed runs much easier but I've not tried them yet.


Lastly, the graphics. In game character models are excellent. Backgrounds... its hit or miss at times. Some backgrounds look beautiful upscaled (or whatever Capcom did) while a couple of others look a bit rough. Its still my preferred version though if I want to play the game at 16:9 screen aspect ratio on my HDTV, the GCN version looks really bad on my HDTV :(


Its a decent upgrade of one of the best games ever created and it still plays as good as ever. At the moment its Japan only but its getting an English release on January 15th along with the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions for £15. I might grab the PS4 version to see if its any better than the PS3 version I have.