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New GT5 cockpit footage

22 August 2007 - 09:27 PM


Blimey, that looks nice.


22 August 2007 - 05:54 PM

Sony has taken the wraps off a new television tuner and personal video recorder for PS3 in its Games Convention 2007 press conference.

Dubbed PlayTV, it will let you watch and record your favourite shows on your console completely independently of each other - so you can view something while saving something else. If you like.
Zoom in''

You'll be able to choose programmes to keep on your hard drive by selecting them from a fancy seven-day guide, and even control it all remotely using your PSP - in case you forgot to tell it to record something before you left for work. Or you could just stream it to your PSP and watch it elsewhere.

It will use the Digital Video Broadcasting standard, and be able to intelligently display the picture in high or standard definition depending on the capabilities of your TV.

"The introduction of PlayTV really will extend the already broad entertainment credentials of PS3, and makes it an exceptionally attractive proposition for the whole family," said David Reeves, big cheese of Sony Europe.

It's so easy your ageing parents could probably use it - or so we're told, and will be available in early 2008 across the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

A price is yet to be mentioned.

EG linky

Details there are a bit sketchy, so here's the blurb from the Sony conference earlier:

16:39:02 -

It allows you to record a TV programme while watching another. Can receive SD and HD signals. Will receive Freeview, too.

16:40:26 -

He's showing a football match happening live, through PS3. It's all future-proofed to support HDTV, too. The Episode Guide (EPG) comes up in a fairly swanky PS3-style interface.

Sony conference

22 August 2007 - 05:48 PM


Any feeds of this knocking about? Here's EG's text version, anyway. Had a quick scan through it, usual blurb by the looks of it.

Buzz for 360

22 August 2007 - 09:56 AM

Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action.

Buzz for 360, in effect:

Controller looks quite nifty, is wireless and you get 4 with the game, as per. Obviously you could buy a PS2, the various PS2 versions of buzz and a 6 pack for tuppence hapenny, but I suppose if you've already got a 360 under the telly, it'll be decent multiplayer shenanigans.

Eurogamer linky

Gaming TV straw poll

21 August 2007 - 09:17 PM

Just seen this over on rllmuk, thought it might be interesting to see the results here too.